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Sana  Mirza
Sana Mirza
The Friendship Broken Girl (part 1)
Published On Oct 21st 2012
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One lovely sunny morning the birds were chirping and fresh green gr-
 I'm sorry no. That's not how my story starts. My story is not boring; it's superior that's why my name is AMY. Well it has nothing to do with that but whatever!
So yeah. I moved to London just a week ago and i went to school 3 days ago. Now you might be like, oh yeah LONDON is the best and blah blah blah but it isn't not at all.
"You're just saying that because no one likes you smart brain"
Be quiet Alex! Sorry, that was my brother. Well maybe it is true no-one likes me but well I’m new. You'll see. They will all run after ME!
"Shut u-"
Get out right now or you'll pay ALEX.
"Yes boss"
Ha- See they will all be calling me the boss! Anyways this is not about my brother this is about me, no-one but me, myself and I. So yeah there is one person i really want to be friends with her name is Sapphire, oh how i would love to be best friends with her. But this gets better guess what happened yesterday! Come on! Guess! Okay I’ll tell you, calm down there.
As i stood there in the corner of the play ground with my notebook scribbling my thoughts away, someone patted me on the back, I jerked my head around hoping it was not a bully. Then I saw someone who I never believed! The person said
"Hey I’m Sapphire! I thought you were getting lonely so would you like to come and sit with me? Well not only me it's, Chloe, Lavender, Emerald, Alexis and Clover."
So i tried to keep it casual by saying,
"Sure that would be nice"
But like i was jumping and screaming inside. I mean who would like me. Uh. Like i'm too cool for them? Ha ha! Okay okay, well then I’ll continue on what happened.
"So guys here's Amy, i thought maybe she could sit with us?"
"Sure thingg gurl!" said Chloe in a jolly sort of way.
"No problem!" said Clover and Emerald in a welcoming way.
However Alexis said,
"Uh. Why? Um. We were talking and she can't just come in."  in a disgusted way.
"Whaey. Chloe. Shut up. We'll do it some other time. Now let's go play football? If you please Amy?" said Chloe in a funny sort of way.
I like Chloe. I like her a lot. Ok ok. I tend to talk a lot. Like i said i was just keeping it CASUAL!
"Yeah sure Chloe, I love football!"
Oh so football was actually one sport i was really good at.
"She shoots, and she SCORES! How does Amy do it? That is 5 goals by Amy!"
There came Chloe running into me with her arms spread out, she ran straight into me we both fell back and started laughing. However 'Alexis' standing in the corner, chewing gum, with her long blonde hair sticking out from the side with her hip out and her Iphone in her hand didn't care at all!
After break ended we had math class. Me and Chloe were together, Clover and Lavender were together, so Sapphire and Emerald were together. As for Alexis she was sitting on the back table with her legs on the desk until Mrs Allen shouted,
"Get your legs off the table now!"
The class laughed. I felt that it was the best day ever despite Alexis it was perfect.
At the end of the day we all burst out with laughter as we walked to the gate, should i even tell you about Alexis? I thought not.
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Comments 5
Gullasht AOA its o.k sana well it is not your falt so, well my aim is only tell you some facts about it bye Gullasht
Apr 18th 2013
Gullasht AsSalam.O.Alekuym!!!!!! Hi,Sana i wrote a comment ur arctical malala plz you read thiz coment and rply me about my questions becuz you wrote a arctical ok AllahHafiz.....i m waiting 4 ur ans Gullasht
Apr 11th 2013
Sana The 2nd part is coming out by next week most probably? Yes, sorry i have been quite busy! Sana
Nov 11th 2012
Momina Whens the 2nd part comin Momina
Oct 26th 2012
Aiman Dont understand Aiman
Oct 25th 2012

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