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Aashir Imran
Aashir Imran
Beacon House School
Respectful Cheetah
Published On Oct 21st 2012
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One day one man was going to the forest for cutting dried grass for his master's buffaloes. When he was going back to his village a cheetah blocked his way. The man was scared that he will eaten by the cheetah but was saying, "Help me!" .The man was surprised that a cheetah is asking for help from a human. Then the cheetah said, "Please quickly hide me in this bunch of grass or I will eat you". The man said, "Okay, Okay I will hide you"."If anyone asks that have you seen any cheetah just say no", the cheetah said. The man held the bunch of grass tightly in his hands in which the cheetah was hiding. He only crossed some of the way and suddenly a hunter came and asked that, “Have you seen any cheetah?” The man replied, “No, I have not seen any cheetah”. When the man reached near the bridge the cheetah requested the man to leave him at the spot. When the cheetah came out he said, “Thank You!” Then the man said, “It was my duty, and why are you saying thank you because we humans think that we should take care of Allah’s creatures.” “No, you don’t take care of jungle; you hunt animals and cut trees of the jungle.” But he was not agreed with the cheetah. The cheetah said, “We can ask from this old tree”. When the explained the entire story to the tree he said, “The cheetah is right”. The man said, “Now we can ask from this buffalo. When they asked the buffalo the she was with the cheetah. When the man was going back to village a fox also took part in the talk and it was also with the cheetah. Finally the man gave up. The cheetah said to destroy the bridge, through which the humans come to this jungle. Then in the end the bridge was destroyed and the jungle lived happily.
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Comments 3
hurriya Its nice but this story is from beacon house grade 5 urdu reader Hurriya
Oct 29th 2012
Momina Im in grade 5 its an urdu reader Momina
Oct 26th 2012
arifa Hey! this is from ur urdu book...i was in beacon(defence campus) in grade 3..and i've read this story...anyways it's nice :D Arifa
Oct 23rd 2012

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