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Andlib Farid
Andlib Farid
Lazy Liza Of Lazy Land (part 3)
Published On Oct 21st 2012
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Therefore, the laziest girl Elizabeth Smith found herself alone in Sullt. What a pity. She remembered her sisters teasing she often told her what a lazy snail you are I think a snail and a tortoise can run washed and bath far earlier than you.” Remembering her family’s love and care Liza dozed off in a swinging cabin outside the water was swaying like blue satin layers.
She was hearing birds chirping and opened her eyes “Oh! Where am I”. She cried she found herself in cozy bed made of sandalwood’s legs and velvet’s mattress. She saw around herself -an oval room having 3 glass windows and a fine wall tall door. She began to think about her past. Suddenly the door swung open and a red haired smart woman came in.  “Hey, how do you do?”  Liza yawned. “Where am I? Is my mum here?” she asked the woman sat beside her. “Oh my, I found you on a wrecked ship. You were sleeping there it is my turn to ask questions she smiled at her. Liza over whelmed by her smile and she told her all the events, starting from her name and native town New Zealand. “The woman said, “My name’s Dauxy and now you are in the kingdom of LAZYLAND. Do not smile. The people are not lazy. They are active, smart, careful, hardworking and brave. “Have a bath and come out to have a breakfast with us.” She showed her a bathroom Liza opened the door and was puzzled to see the long rectangular veranda. A women wearing fan colour dress approached her. “Come girlie dining room is here”. She followed her. they entered van another oval room and poor Liza had had to shut her eyes for a while for the room was enlighten with hundreds of tiny colorful bulbs. There she saw Dauxy, an old man wearing crown and a royal purple purled gown trimmed with ermine, a beautiful girl of hardly 10 years like Liza and a handsome boy. “Come dear pray be seated. Liza sat in an empty chair, too puzzled to utter a word. I m king Doyer and she is my queen Dauxy the girl sitting beside you is my dear daughter Dbilla and he is my son Dwasio. The crowned man announced in a royal way. “Am I dreaming?” Liza asked herself.
To be continued...........
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Comments 5
Andlib back now.will publish next part soon Andlib
Apr 30th 2013
Soha Come on yar, It's published 3 times.. Soha
Feb 1st 2013
Momina Good, but like when r u gonna publish like nxt part? this part 3 has been here 4 like i dont know how long!!!!!!!!!!!! Momina
Dec 27th 2012
Tooba Gud Tooba
Nov 3rd 2012
HAJRA Great story Hajra
Oct 22nd 2012

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