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Pawan Akhani
Pawan Akhani
Y.k Academy, Rashidabad
What An Answer!!!
Published On Oct 13th 2012
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Brilliant answers by student,
But the teacher gave him '0' marks...

Q- In which battle did Tipu Sultan die?
A- His last battle...

Q- Where was the declaration of independence signed ?
A- At the bottom of the page..

Q- What's the main reason for Divorce ?
A- Marriage..

Q- River Indus flows in which state ?
A- Liquid state..

Q- When was Quaid-e-Azam born ?
A- On his birthday..

Q- How will u distribute 8 mangoes among 6 people?
A- By making of mango shake...

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Comments 20
Irum Yup!! Funny!! Irum
Sep 18th 2013
mishaal Lolxxxxxx Mishaal
Feb 22nd 2013
Raniah Nice Raniah
Feb 2nd 2013
Maria LOL.... Maria
Jan 14th 2013
Jan 12th 2013
pawan :) :p Pawan
Nov 10th 2012
Sehar Ur welcome,I can't stop laughing whenever I read them :D Sehar
Nov 9th 2012
pawan The meaning of my words izz that plz like my joke.......... don't u knw the urdu.... nd thnks SEhaR Pawan
Nov 8th 2012
Sehar A big WoW.., Sehar
Nov 7th 2012
fareeha Pawan what is the meaning of your word..... Fareeha
Nov 6th 2012
pawan OR FREindzz LIKe TO kaRO....................:) Pawan
Nov 2nd 2012
pawan Agree Wit Dua........ Eman nd AriFA I alWays try To MAke PEopLE HAppY ...THAt is My HAbiT ......EVEn he/SHE Is My FReiND OR EVEn EneMy Pawan
Nov 2nd 2012
arifa AWESOME!!! :D u r a gr8 joker pawan!! :) Arifa
Oct 29th 2012
Emaan Hahahaha Pawan I did not know you can be so funny! Emaan
Oct 28th 2012
Duaa Teacher is a cheater!! why did she give the child 0 marks though he gave the correct answers...... haha.. LOLXXXX Duaa
Oct 26th 2012
Aiman Lolzzzzzzzzzz nice 1 Aiman
Oct 24th 2012
Shehroz It nice one LOL hahahahaha Shehroz
Oct 19th 2012
pawan Pawan
Oct 16th 2012
pawan It Is NOt FAir WIth Student . hE gave Correct ANswer BUt stILL goT 0 MArkS Pawan
Oct 15th 2012
hurriya :D nice one.lolz Hurriya
Oct 13th 2012

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