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Sohail Naseer
Sohail Naseer
Bolan Grammer School
Pressure Cooker
Published On Oct 13th 2012
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Why students become dull, lazy and did not pay any attention when they proceed in higher classes? This question is frequently and very sadly being discussed almost at in everywhere of the world but yet no one is gotten the solution of this problem or answer of this question.
Basically if we see in the starting students work hard and give much time to their education but when the marks become a little low then the parents and teachers become extremely angry and sad. Because they are forgotten that all fingers cannot be same and the complete class cannot get first position and they never try to know the reason for why his or her marks are missing, it is a natural fact that a student cannot be the master of all subjects. Without understanding the problems of students the parents and teachers become stern and strict. Without wasting much time they start pressuring, scolding and even there are such parents and teachers they terribly start beating the children. And it is a disclosed fact that when a student get pressure and torture from both sides [parents and teachers] his or her nervous system become fast and terribly disturb the memory of learning and they will be confuse, and he or she never can pay attention and will become weak in all kinds of activities, all the time the student will be in tension of getting good grades.
In place of reading his or her aim will be to get rid of the stick through which they are being tortured every day. Getting marks will be best thing at in any way may lying cheating etc. The student will become mentally ill, his or her thinking power will be terribly damaged. At the last for a student just marks become important and he or she never try to get knowledge and education, his or her complete life will be destroyed and thy will never be able to stand in front of anybody and their confidence level will be terribly low, all the time they will become disappointed and they will become stubborn.
Maybe tomorrow he or she will get a job because of their marks may they get a good salary may their life run may their soul slave will be alive, but they never can be happy and prosperous and they never can get what they really deserve and they never will be what they have to be, even there is a majority of students who committed suicides and everyday committing and this victim of students will never be stop until or unless the parents and the teachers will not cut the roots of the problem.
In conclusion I can just request the parents and teachers that the education is not just for marks but also for a bright future of students and getting education is not just for only money but also for a great success.
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Comments 12
Junaid U've written good things specially abt studying of balochistan.. keeeep it and Nyccccc...!!!!! Junaid
Nov 17th 2012
Jawwad Very nyc keep it up Jawwad
Oct 25th 2012
rija Lovely sohail Rija
Oct 25th 2012
Sehar In my society parents appreciate their children whatever position they get but also advise them to work more hard next time :) that's why I'v got first position this time......and plz do comment on my article of Niel Armtrong and poems too :) plz Sehar
Oct 22nd 2012
Sohail Can anyone tell me about their society or way of living i love to know please anyone Sohail
Oct 21st 2012
Sohail Thank you dear Hafsa I actually copied these points from my society i observed my education system then I just gave them some words. Sohail
Oct 21st 2012
Hafsa Wow man excellent ur every point is sooo true...from where did u got this idea?n yeah the name is the bst part.PRESSURE COOKER! AWSOME!!! Hafsa
Oct 19th 2012
Sehar Oh! well this article is absolutely true and amazing :) Sehar
Oct 19th 2012
Sohail Thanks, simply pressure cooker mean a student who is pressurized or forced for reading is a pressure cooker Sohail
Oct 18th 2012
Sehar Gud and the same question which fatima asked ! Sehar
Oct 17th 2012
Sohail Pressure cooker mean student in our (Baloch) society students are just pressurized through tansion thats why it is pressure cooker. Sohail
Oct 17th 2012
Tooba Superb Gr8 Good Why is the name Pressure COOKER? _______ Tooba
Oct 15th 2012

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