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Sana  Mirza
Sana Mirza
The Broken Friendship
Published On Oct 13th 2012
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Zoe and Samantha were best friends! They used to tell each other everything. They used to share secrets, have sleepovers and all that! Everything was perfect that time! Samantha was new to the school as she had just come from another country. She was happy that she fit in and happy that everything was going well until one day which she now wished never ever existed.
A new girl called Mathilda came along. Zoe whispered to Samantha that she didn't think she was a good friend and thought she would steal Samantha away from her. Zoe used to gossip about her all the time. Samantha was an innocent girl who just kept quiet and listened. About one week later Mathilda started sticking to Zoe. She then called Zoe everyday to her house! Not one day she would miss! Whether it was a weekday or weekend! Samantha felt left out and betrayed. They would always sit next to each other in class. And Samantha would always feel left out.
Samantha cried to her mum explaining how the new girl took her best friend away. Her mum felt sorry for Samantha and said she wished she could help. Samantha stopped talking to Zoe until she started talking to her again. But to no avail.
What would I do? Samantha wondered. She thought about it and finally came to a conclusion. I should perhaps leave her. I will get a better one. There is no point in chasing after someone like her who doesn't have feelings for her so called 'best friend'. Samantha wished she could go back to the country she was in before even after three years.
A girl called Marina came and sat next to Samantha and asked her what was wrong. Samantha said she was upset and had lost her best friend. Marina spent time with Samantha and sat next to her in class. Samantha felt as though she had found herself an even better friend then Zoe!
Zoe came up to Samantha and asked if she was upset. Samantha had a strange look on her face to Zoe. She took a deep breath and said that, she thought she was best friends with Mathilda now. And she also said that she felt left-out. Zoe rolled her eyes and said, fine, we won't be friends. Samantha knew who her true friend was. She was happy to say that Marina was a much better friend than Zoe!

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Comments 7
Momina Nice of u to share the experience! Momina
Dec 22nd 2012
Sana Based on a true experience! Thanks Fatima and Momina :) Sana
Nov 11th 2012
FR NO.1 Best friend i always like marina goodjob Fr No.1
Nov 2nd 2012
Momina Nice pic Fatima great story i liked it Momina
Oct 26th 2012
Sana Thank you :) Sana
Oct 18th 2012
Sana Nice Sana
Oct 14th 2012
Tooba Awsomw but kind of weird ending.......... Plz be my friend Tooba
Oct 13th 2012

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