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Sana  Mirza
Sana Mirza
A Strange Winter Day
Published On Oct 11th 2012
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As I sat on my leather rocking chair, placed adjacent to the frosty window with a cup of hot coco and one of my favourite books lying open on my lap I tried to peer out of the window. It was misty outside. I could only hear the pitter patter of raindrops and snow hitting on the roof top. It was cosy living near the woods with a lovely lake in front. I would never think of leaving my cosy cottage. I turned back and started reading my book again, i heard a loud thud, "Could the roof have broken” I thought in fear. But the noise didn't come from the roof it came from the door! I slowly tip toed barefooted to the door while my feat almost froze to the ground. I looked through the peek hole I couldn't see anybody? Perhaps they had come to the wrong cottage i thought but there it came again! Who could it be? I slowly pulled the door open there stood a little elf! I thought I would burst out in laughter but i just stood there with a stupid smile on my face! I asked why the elf came here in almost a whisper. He sang softly,
"I came to bring you new woollen socks! Apparently your brother said you would sit in that cot! But i am here because master said so, if i do say would you give me a marshmallow?"
Oh how peculiar i thought to myself. "Who is the master you speak of, and a marshmallow? Certainly little elf.
Then the elf sang in a loud, bold voice,
"Master would be your brother, mother and father! They will be coming for tea at half-past three! Now I have gone to flee! But give me that marshmallow please?"
What a silly elf! Here you go, your marshmallow! Tell them that I’ll be waiting at half-past three, now may you flee?
"Gooooodddbyyyyeee" the elf sung as he went along.
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Comments 5
Momina No thanku 4 :( me LOL just JOKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D dont MIND DUDETTE!! chilllllll Momina
Dec 27th 2012
Momina Cute story!!! Momina
Dec 22nd 2012
Sana Thank you! Sana
Nov 11th 2012
FR NO.1 Good Fr No.1
Nov 2nd 2012
Tooba Nice Tooba
Oct 11th 2012

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