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Sana Ali
Sana Ali
Beaconhouse School System
Dark Complexion
Published On Oct 9th 2012
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Dark complexion, is it the worst thing that can happen to a person? Especially girls, living in a society so midcentury that complexion matters more than anything and I believe that's not fair for anyone having skin a little darker than usual. So what if we don't have a "Fair Complexion", it isn't the end of the world you know. I for one believe that colour doesn't matter, what matters is the personality you are holding and if you are nice who cares what colour your skin is, you are great the way you are.
I have a dark complexion, not very but a little what we call "Sanwla". My mother is always giving me tips about how to look beautiful but she never gives them to my elder sister who is white as Snow, maybe. I think this is just not FAIR!!
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Comments 5
Khadijah Sometimes I do !!!!!!!!!! Khadijah
Oct 27th 2012
Emaan Offended, why? Emaan
Oct 22nd 2012
sana Thanks for ur support and i kinda feel offended by this dark colour thing, don't u guys too??? Sana
Oct 20th 2012
Emaan I don't care! AMERICANS nowadays think that being tanned makes them look attractive! Skin colour doesn't matter to me, but cleanliness of skin does. Who uses Face Wash? I do! Emaan
Oct 17th 2012
Tooba I know how u feel......... My color is a little dark too Tooba
Oct 15th 2012

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