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Emaan  Farhan
Emaan Farhan
Westminster School And College
The Hilarious Prank
Published On Oct 6th 2012
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"Tara! Come here and wash the clothes for me! I'm getting late for my meeting!"
"Tara! Come iron the clothes! My business suit is a disgrace!"
"Tara!  need help in homework!"
Ughhhhh it's always Tara this and Tara that, Tara do this Tara do that, AARGGHHH it is so frustrating! Oh, wait, let me introduce myself before I go and wash the clothes. Hi, I'm Tara. I rush off to wash the clothes, SKADOOSH!
Hey, did I tell you it's 1st of April? Now I think I did! I sit on my bed after all that work, turning on my iPod to listen to some songs. My mom and dad and sister keep bossing me around to do housework, so I barely have enough time to sit down and relax and do my homework. I do like work, of course I do, but it's just that I need some ME time, try telling that to my family. I put my iPod on its stand and raised the volume and I take out my books to do my homework. Then my cell phone rang (come on, my parents aren't all that bad to make me do all that work and not let me have gadgets). It was Selena. I did not realise that something terrible had happened to her.
"Hey Selena! What, oh Selena! I'll be right there!" I put on my sneakers and ran to her house. Just before I went I took my powder bracelet. This was my special bracelet that Selena gave me and it had a pink-white-ish coloured powder inside the heart shaped pendant. She told me to use the powder when I would need it,and I think this is the time. I rushed to Selena's house and found her lying on the grass just on the patio of her house. Tears were spilling out of her red eyes. "Selena! Who did this to you? Are you OK?" I asked her and hugged her as tight as my arm could hold. Selena fell from her balcony and found that her legs were paralysed. And badly hurt. "Oh Selena! Let me call 911, they might...” She cut me off. "No Tara. I need, come closer." I kneeled close. "Closer!" She said softly till I could hear her heart beating fast. Then she whispered, "YOU'RE APRIL FOOLED! GOTCHA!" I nearly jumped out of my skin. "SELENA! You fooled me! You REALLY got me scared. I was about to use my powder bracelet! Ohhhh." I said, half annoyed and half relieved. Seriously? When she got up and we went inside her house for some snacks, she said "Hey, I'm not completely satisfied yet. I did fool you, but I wanted some homework done, so this was the funniest and most ridiculous way to call you for it! Fooled again!" I slapped myself. Selena can be a real pain now and then.
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Comments 25
Momina ILYSM too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Momina
Dec 22nd 2012
Emaan Thank you ever so much! ILYSM!!!!! Emaan
Dec 21st 2012
Amna OMG!!!!!Very very very nice!!!! Amna
Dec 19th 2012
Aiman Awwww soo sorry emaan!!!i was having my exams,i didnt opened vshine for sorry i was very busy and HAPPY know no one wished me happy birthday on my birthday i hope u enjoyed your birthday, all the pleasures it has in store, and because i appreciate you, i hope u have many many more! SO HAPPY BIRTHDDAY TO MY SWEETEST AND CUTEST CREAMY CUPCAKE! Aiman
Nov 30th 2012
Momina Awwwww poor Emaan!!!! Anyways, happy belated birthday your stories are great!!!!!!! and your sweeter than candy!!! give me ur adress ill try to send u some from Canada, my grandma goes there every year...... i might even go next year. . . pray that i do PLZZZZZZZZ. . . also please pray for my dad cause as hes in the army hes got posted to Dir. . . its very dangerous there. . . so pray he comes back safe next year in july totally safe!!!! Momina
Nov 24th 2012
Disenchanted. Happy b day!sorry i am late ... Disenchanted.
Nov 22nd 2012
mathilda So ok a belated HAAAAPPPPYYYY B DAYYYYYY to ya!!!!! Mathilda
Nov 14th 2012
Emaan My b day was on twelve and no one remembered! ;( Emaan
Nov 13th 2012
(^_^) Ohhhhhhhh (^_^)
Nov 12th 2012
Emaan Whoops, I meant to write this comment on Cherished Moments. Silly me :) Emaan
Nov 3rd 2012
(^_^) Why?? (^_^)
Nov 3rd 2012
Emaan Sorry ppl, no more of this story! :( Emaan
Nov 2nd 2012
Emaan Eid MUBARAK!May Allah Bless You on this EID! Emaan
Oct 26th 2012
Aiman Love this story Aiman
Oct 21st 2012
Emaan Thanks Khadija, it means ALOT :D Emaan
Oct 13th 2012
Khadijah Omg this story makes me laugh by rolling on the floor. YOUR STORIES AND IDEAS ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Khadijah
Oct 12th 2012
Emaan Directioner: Thanks for the suggestion, I have iPad,iPhone and iPod,but Vshine's QUITE enough for me! Arifa: The two words we kinda tripped were chivalrous and opine. But that's OK to me! Emaan
Oct 10th 2012
arifa On which stupid word did u guyz lose? Arifa
Oct 9th 2012
Directioner Forever Nice...emaan i am here to make a suggestion.. Hope u like here goes....emaan i read Ur stuff and its excellent..if you've got an ipad or iphone or Samsung galaxy or even on Ur computer u can install an app named wattpad..thousands of young writers post their stuff here and i thought i should tell u abt it and so i did.... Directioner Forever
Oct 8th 2012
Emaan Thank you to everyone on Vshine,Jupiter and my head!! I'm getting praise fever,seriously! Oh Arifa Westminster WAS there! It WAS!!!! Oh come on we shouldn't say bad words about the Spelling Bee... WAHT AM I TALKING ABOUT? GO TO HELL SPELLING BEE WE DON'T CARE! (Oops.) Oopsie Daisie, I said it,two points for me! Emaan
Oct 8th 2012
arifa Fab work mate! :D BTW we blew the dawn sp bee! Frget it now! damn thing! My bro reached the regionals though...he was in da 9-11 age group...i asked him if Westminister was there he said no...he was in Pool A... What about u eman? Arifa
Oct 7th 2012
(^_^) Hahahaha i like ur story! (^_^)
Oct 7th 2012
Sana Hahaha very funny............:D Sana
Oct 7th 2012
arifa Gr8 as usual eman dear!! :) Arifa
Oct 7th 2012
Zainab Omg emaan u r soo creative!!!!! I LOVE UR STORY... Zainab
Oct 7th 2012

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