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Huzefa Zahid Ullah Muhammadzai
Huzefa Zahid Ullah Muhammadzai
Edwards College School
The Greenhouse Effect
Published On Oct 6th 2012
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You must have heard about the greenhouse effect. You must have read stories saying that the earth’s atmosphere gets unstable and then the people go to some other planet. If you haven’t, greenhouse effect is a problem which is causing the earth’s temperature to rise. It is because of the gases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous dioxide. The natural balance is being upset and these gases are increasing in our atmosphere. In the greenhouse effect the sun rays hits the glass panes of the greenhouse. The greenhouse gets hot and the heat is not left outside so the plants can grow well. The same greenhouse effect is happening with the earth. The heat is also being stopped because of the pollution we are making. Although the green house effect is always present on the earth but it has increased in the past few years because of us humans. We have been burning gasoline to drive cars, Burnt oil for using machines, wood and coal to produce electricity, or for heating. We humans cut down forest for clear land. This heating is also called the global warming. This greenhouse effect is needed for us humans but we should stop polluting the atmosphere so the global warming does not get out of hand. If we keep polluting the atmosphere and the pollution doesn’t let the heat go out. The polar ice caps will start melting, and then the glaciers and the frozen water gets melted you know what the next problem is going to be. Floods. Other then that the animals which live in a cool climate will get extinct. There will be drought.
If you want to save the earth’s atmosphere from getting out of hands you will have to stop polluting the atmosphere. By polluting I mean burning stuff. Throwing stuff in streets. Throwing stuff into water. If you don’t want a scorching hot future start right now.
Please do tell me if you are going to publish my article in the magazine and please if you are going to publish it tell me the date.
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