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Red Ritz
Red Ritz
If You Cannot Support
Published On Oct 6th 2012
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I live in Jeddah, KSA, and a very blessed place. Recently there have been ICC T20 matches going. I have been so excited for Pakistan to win lately. I know everyone's expectations were high towards Shahid Afridi. Same was for me. I was very glad and proud to learn that Pakistan had won all the first four matches tremendously. The match with South Africa was surprising as well as amazing. Umer Gul had done very well. But, during matches, Shahid Afridi was a bit out of form which was a bit surprising as he had done amazing in previous games. Now, people who supported Shahid Afridi earlier are against him. They say every time we lose is just because of him. Maybe you people have not heard these things but I have read on facebook, heard them and even seen people talking like this. They say they no longer feel proud being a Pakistani just because they lost match from India. But the very next match, when Pakistan won form Australia, they were supporting Pakistan again like nothing happened. I was a bit confused. When South Africa scored enough runs for Pakistan to qualify for semi-final, everybody claimed that Pakistan deserved this. But when Pakistan lost match from Sri Lanka , everyone showed their real image inside them again and started talking against Pakistani cricket team and Shahid Afridi especially. They also said that Pakistan qualified for semi-final just because of South Africa (no offence). I have a question “why do you people support Pakistani team when they win and go against them when they lose?" If you have supported Shahid Afridi in his good times then it is necessary you support him when he fails for if you cannot support anyone in their failure you have no right to support them in their success. I still support Pakistani team and I am blessed to be a Pakistani and a Muslim and i admire those people who think like this too. They sure have a big heart to accept someone’s ups and downs.
This might sound boring to some people and they might not be ready to accept it but truth is always bitter.
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Comments 5
Soha GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soha
Aug 23rd 2013
tehreem Me too still supporting them n always Tehreem
Oct 17th 2012
tehreem But our team is the only team to reach all four semi finals :) Tehreem
Oct 16th 2012
Emaan Hey Reda,do you like Miranda Cosgrove? I LOVE HER! I love iCarly! Emaan
Oct 8th 2012
arifa I am not interested in cricket though... :) Arifa
Oct 7th 2012

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