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Sana  Raheel
Sana Raheel
Mansoura International School
The Brave Girl 2
Published On Oct 3rd 2012
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“……………….give me everything that u have.” He gave the thief everything, his wallet, mobile, etc. The man then pushed Tehreem’s father in a huge hole. Then the thief started to run away as he saw a man looking from the bushes to him. The man who was hiding saw that he was trying to run away so he ran after him. The thief got away and the man (who was hiding) got some people to help him and got Tehreem’s father out of the hole. He was in the hospital and he had a severe injury near the head. No one knew who his identity as his wallet with his iqama was taken and his mobile with all of his contact numbers.
After some weeks without a phone from their father, Tehreem was very worried and as for her mother, she was ill with worry. Her siblings were small so they could not understand that why was their mother so worried. In the night, Tehreem thought that a lot of time has passed; my father is not even calling, not even receiving a call so I should go---- but how can I go? The money father left us with is half gone, what about the money for a ticket, for her home……It is too much puzzling.  With this she went to sleep.
In the morning, Tehreem said to her mother that she will do a small job to collect enough money to go and find her father. Her mother replied: No it is too dangerous, you can’t go and what can u do, you are only a tenth grader. But Tehreem said: Trust me, I will do something.
 Tehreem went to her room and thought: What CAN I do? Mom is right, I can’t do anything----but I can’t just stay here. Then she thought: of course!! I can tutor pre kg. I tutored my small brother so I can tutor other people. Then she went to her mom and asked her if she could do this. Her mom replied:……………………
To be continued……………………………….
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Comments 15
Hiba Apple pulp is called juice, one who doesn/t lyks on my page is not at all cool... Hiba
Feb 22nd 2013
Momina Awesome thank god the nxt prt is out :) Momina
Dec 14th 2012
Duaa Awweeesssooommeeee Paarrttt <3 it Duaa
Nov 7th 2012
Sana I hav written the next part and i will send it after a week of baqra eid Sana
Oct 11th 2012
Khadijah Oh it is not boring !!!!!!!!!!!! I am waiting for the next part. Khadijah
Oct 10th 2012
Sana Yeah i do. how r u? Sana
Oct 10th 2012
HAMNA Hi sana i m hamna of grade 6 remember!!!! add me i have sent u the request........ Hamna
Oct 9th 2012
Sana Really? i think it was booooring.....;) Sana
Oct 9th 2012
Emaan Ohhh jumping on my seat for the next part! Emaan
Oct 8th 2012
Sana Mayb after baqra eid Sana
Oct 6th 2012
Raniah I cant really w8 for the next part .. . ! Raniah
Oct 6th 2012
Khadijah Oh plz post it early................. Khadijah
Oct 5th 2012
Sana Sorry but after 22 november cuz i m going to pakistan in two weeks. & will cum after 22 november. i apologize for this Sana
Oct 5th 2012
Wajeeha Nyc! waiting for the nxt part Wajeeha
Oct 4th 2012
arifa Its awsome, man! plz publish da next part as soon as possible, mate!! :D Arifa
Oct 4th 2012

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