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Tooba Raheel
Tooba Raheel
Divisional Public School, Lahore.
Abdullah, A Patient Boy (3/4)
Published On Oct 3rd 2012
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“.........there is nothing you can do about it.” His aunt had two children of her own: Ismail and Mariam.  Abdullah couldn’t believe it. He looked at him in anger and shock. “What? Does that mean Ismail and Mariam are going to be my step brother and sister?” “Yes. Please try to cooperate.” Abdullah could do nothing to change his father’s mind. They married after a week. They looked odd because Abdullah’s father was fifty years old and his step mother forty-two years old. Everyone secretly laughed at the old couple. Abdullah’s step mother was very sweet and kind to him. When his father had gone to work his step mother made him do almost all the work. Worse than that Ismail and Mariam were very bad at studies and as they were at the same school and class Abdullah’s step mother made sure that he could not study but tutor them.
One day when Abdullah’s step mother was cutting some fruit Abdullah said “Why do you make me do all the work?” “Just shut up and do your work?” said Abdullah’s step mother Abdullah whispered to himself “Why don’t you shut up?” His step mother heard him and said “WHAT? You dare speak to me like this. I will teach you how to speak nicely to elders” with that she took the knife and was about to kill him when Abdullah’s father arrived. He looked suspiciously at both of them and said “What was going on?” His step mother changed her expression from angry to worry and said “Thank god you came. Abdullah was about to do suicide!” Abdullah’s father said “What? Abdullah I am very disappointed in you” “What? No she was about to kill me” Abdullah said. “Just go to your room at once” He went to his room and shouted. “This house is like prison to me. One day Abdullah said to his Father “I hate step mom she is the worst aunt and step mom anyone can ever have and….” “Shut up” he yelled. Since that day his father hated him more and more every day.
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Comments 15
Soha Awww! Well done!! Soha
Feb 25th 2013
Duaa Nice Duaa
Dec 16th 2012
Momina Cool. . . dont like the dad and aunt Momina
Dec 14th 2012
Tooba Really sorry i thought no one liked it. i m going to send it write NOW Tooba
Dec 5th 2012
Amna Awww its Monday..... Do u know dat i daily open this for checking the next part. Amna
Dec 3rd 2012
Tooba Umm............thanx but next part is coming on next wednesday sorry Tooba
Nov 20th 2012
Amna Suspense,suspense,suspense..................... I m waiting for the next part...................... Amna
Nov 17th 2012
Tooba Yes Tooba
Oct 10th 2012
hira You mean there is also a part after 3/4? Hira
Oct 9th 2012
Tooba Next part coming at 17 or after baqra eid Tooba
Oct 8th 2012
tehreem I am sure she has already read. Tehreem
Oct 6th 2012
Tooba No!!!!!!!!! I wrote above 3/4 Tooba
Oct 6th 2012
hira Is it the end??? Hira
Oct 6th 2012
Tooba Thanx tehreem tell zainab to read her story Tooba
Oct 4th 2012
tehreem Great story.. :) Tehreem
Oct 3rd 2012

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