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Zainab Tariq
Zainab Tariq
Princess Momina's Rescue
Published On Sep 27th 2012
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Once upon a time there was a King. He and his people were very sad as the king had no children, he did have a son named Liam but he had been kidnapped and was never found. After many sad and lonely months when they were out they went out and heard someone cry. They searched and searched but could not find anyone. They nearly lost hope when the queen said “Let’s check in the cave” then in a cave they found a beautiful baby girl. They loved the beautiful girl so much that they decided to keep her. They named her Momina. They also made everyone promise that when she would grow they would not tell her that she is not their own child. So as princess Momina was not told about the promise she loved them dearly.
When she was almost sixteen she went to the river and saw a wizard she felt really frightened and ran away. The wizard loved her but he knew that she would not marry her. So he went to his home which was a cave and thought of a plan. He thought of a brilliant plan. He looked through his magic ball in which he could read people’s thoughts and see the future. In the future he saw that on the next Saturday she would come on the forest for almost an hour. Meanwhile when she came home she said to her mother “Mommy can I please go to the forest on Saturday I really do want to go and pick some flowers please” Her mother said “Ok, but not for more than an hour” “Ok” she replied cheerfully. She went to bed. Then on Saturday she went to the forest which was very lonely for no one came there. She picked a huge bunch of honeysuckle and primroses, tulips and bluebells nothing to say about roses. Just as she was going back to home, the wizard took a piece of cloth and covered her mouth making her faint. He took her to his home and when she recovered he asked her “Will you marry me?” “No” she shouted. He asked her many times but no avail.
The king got really worried and made a proclamation that anyone who found the princess would get one-half of the kingdoms. Almost everyone tried but no one could find the princess. After a month Prince Ali came to try his luck. He had one brother. He looked in the same forest where the princess had gone there he like the others couldn’t find the beautiful princess. Just as he was going back he caught sight of a rabbit stuck in his hole. He helped him and he said something which he could hardly understand. It said “Go to the black………….wish………….it will come” He just went and saw a fish stuck in a net. He helped him and he said the same thing “Go to the black………….wish………….it will come” He again couldn’t understand anything and just went. There he saw a tiger which was about to kill an old man. He saved him and he went to his home and the old man gave him a bowl of milk. He said “Thanks a lot for saving me from the tiger. Why did you come here? He said “I have come to do a task that no one has done yet. “Oh ok well I will tell you something I am going to give you a magic sword go to the black cave there you will see a small red ruby cut it with it, wish something and it will come true good luck……and don’t forget to return the sword back. “Ok” He said. He went and when he cut the red stone and said “I wish the one who captured the princess would die and I would find the princess on my way” He went to return the sword but when he went he found the old man dead and the princess at the side but the princess was not alive either. Nearby was a bowl of milk he put it in a cup and putted it on her mouth. The princess opened her eyes and the prince asked “Where were you all the time?” She replied weeping and pointing at the old man “That is a wizard he captured me” They went to the palace and the king offered him one-half of the kingdoms but he said “Thank you but I have my father’s kingdom why don’t you give it to your son?” He said “My son was kidnapped” He said “Don’t you remember that the day your son was kidnapped you had an argument with your personal advisor? Well he kidnapped him and sold him in another country” “Really?” said the king. He replied “Yes He is my brother” “What??? Can I have him back please?” The prince said “Of course why not” After two days Princess Momina was married to Prince Ali and Prince Liam came back to his father and they lived happily ever after. 
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Comments 11
Aiza Nice Aiza
Jan 17th 2017
Arwa Ramadan Mubarak Arwa
Jul 13th 2013
Jul 10th 2013
Naima I like this story.this is a very good story Naima
Jan 22nd 2013
Momina I think she meant liam payne my name comes awesome story Momina
Oct 28th 2012
zainab Thanx and arifa what do u mean by liam payne? Zainab
Sep 30th 2012
hira Nice story! Hira
Sep 30th 2012
Tooba Nice story zainab :P (hoped you like the few changes i made) Tooba
Sep 27th 2012
arifa Liam Payne, huh? :) Arifa
Sep 27th 2012
Sana Nyc story Sana
Sep 27th 2012
Aiman nice Aiman
Sep 27th 2012

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