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Eisha Ajmal
Eisha Ajmal
Divisional Public School
Diy Spoon Rose (plastic)
Published On Sep 27th 2012
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Hey everyone! it’s me Eisha, the girl who brings diy (do it yourself projects) to all of those who are creative and bored  :P. don't worry, you’re not alone, I’ll be your creative inspiration any day!!!!
Ok so let’s get back 2 business;
Today we're gonna make a plastic spoon rose that you can use as a pin/brooch or put it on a chain (necklace) or even use it as a decoration or embellishment!
Note; this may take a lot of time for beginners! don’t worry, it’s worth it.
 What you’ll need to make your Spoon Rose :
1 Box plastic spoons 24pcs
Pin back or safety pin/ whateva
Step 1
Using your pliers carefully break off the handles of the spoons.
2 spoons – very close to the bowl of the spoon.
5 spoons – leave a little of the handle.
10+ spoons – leave about a half inch.
I used the whole box (minus 1 – I burned a hole through it).

Step 2
Starting with the 2 smallest, hold the first spoon with your pliers over the candle. Be careful not to hold it to close, the plastic can catch on fire, which can be dangerous (obv!) and also leaves scorch marks of the spoons. I also recommend doing this by an open window or in a well ventilated area. Who knows what fumes may come from melting plastic spoons.
 Step 3
After you have melted the first 2 spoons you will need to melt the bases together. Don’t be afraid to use your pliers to pinch the hot plastic together.
 Step 4
Continue melting the spoons. After you’ve melted the 5 spoons with the slightly longer handles you can start melting handles and attaching them to create your flower.
Step 5
Keep melting spoons and adding them to your flower until you feel it’s done.
 Step 6
Add your pin back by melting the plastic at the base of the flower and inserting your pin or by using a strong glue. I used hot glue which seems to be holding quite well
@enjoy and comment, like.
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Comments 3
Takreem Tried it before Takreem
Oct 1st 2013
eisha Oh...thank you! it would mean alot to me. PS change your dp to the spoon rose, if you can so i can see what you came up with~! Eisha
Sep 28th 2012
arifa Hmmm...its sounds fantastic... i'll try 2 try it :D Arifa
Sep 27th 2012

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