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Menahil Idrees
Menahil Idrees
13 O' Clock (part 5)
Published On Sep 24th 2012
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Giselle looked at Robert with fear. Robert indicated her to go forward. Giselle stepped forward. Her eyes had nervousness in them. If she did this wrong they would die and she would be responsible for their death.
Golden words appeared on the black panel. Giselle gulped and began to read the ancient language out of which she could not understand a single word. But she kept on reading. And then finally she came to the last sentence. After speaking all the words Giselle gave a blow and found that she had recited all the words in 50 seconds. And then suddenly the most terrible thing began to happen.
Just as Giselle stepped back and came towards Robert, ghosts came from all sides. Giselle and Robert began to run for their lives. They ran and ran as fast as they could until they reached the main door. They stopped. "Giselle, did you read the words properly? Why aren't the ghosts dying?" Robert gulped. Had Giselle made a mistake? Now they would die for sure and their faces would also be made into statues? Tears automatically came from her eyes. They were dead now.
And then just as they thought that life was finished, a hole appeared in the floor out of nowhere. Inside the hole was the fire of hell and the lava of the most dangerous and hottest volcano on earth. Robert was mesmerized. Would they be kicked into it? But then all of a sudden, all the ghosts began to fall into the hole. They fell and fell.
"Oh my god", this time it was Fiona's voice. While running, Robert and Giselle had totally forgotten that Fiona was also with them. Robert put a hand on her tiny shoulder to calm her down. Everything seemed so dangerous. The whole room was glowing because of the light that the fire gave and a thousand screams were sounding from every corner. The ghosts were trying to grab on to whatever they found in order to stop themselves from falling into the deadly hole but it's attraction towards the ghosts was so strong that they couldn't be stopped. Surprisingly there was no attraction towards Robert and Giselle or Fiona. This was because they weren't ghosts. They were just ordinary human beings. Giselle felt happy. They had succeeded. She had spelt the words correctly and the ghosts were dying. The curse was finishing. Robert put an arm rounder shoulder. "See, Giselle, I knew you could do it, I get nervous at points like this. I would stutter and blubber and the whole thing would go wrong." Giselle felt like the luckiest person in the world. Robert and Giselle hated each other when they came on this trip. But now they were different. They were happy to be siblings. Fiona was crying. She was so glad that finally the curse has been broken. She clapped her hands in joy.
But just as usual, when everything was finally ending up good, fate took a turn once more. A ghost, who was falling into the hole of hell grabbed into Robert's leg. Robert was dragged over to the hole. "Robert" Giselle screamed and ran to him. Robert was holding on to the edge of the hole with all his might. "Giselle pull" Robert shouted. Giselle began to pull with all her might. She pulled at Robert's arm as hard as she could. Once she was even about to trip. Her body began to ache. Her brother was extraordinarily heavy. But she never gave up. She loved her brother more than anything else in the world now and she had to save him. He was the reason that she had succeeded in saying the words. He had given her courage. Giselle took a deep breath and with one final pull Robert was out of the hole. He gasped. Giselle gulped. Phew, her whole body ached. She felt as if she was about to faint. Despite, the pain she jumped onto Robert and hugged him as hard as she could. Her brother was safe. She was so happy. "Giselle, isn't this the first time you've ever hugged me?" Robert teased her. "It is, but I've also saved your life. Don't I deserve a big hug now?" Robert felt so strange. His sister had changed. He had changed. Wouldn't mom and dad be happy when they went back home and saw that Giselle and Robert were a team now? And just when they were about to leave the house once more the most terrible thing happened. Another ghost who was falling into the hole grabbed onto Giselle's leg and pulled her along with him into the hole. Before Giselle could grab onto something or Robert could catch hole of her she was gone. Screams sounded from each direction.
Robert screamed, "Giselle..... nooooooooo!!!!!!".
WATCH OUT FOR PART 6 (THE LAST PART)......... coming next month!!!!!
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Comments 25
Menahil Thnxx all of u Menahil
Aug 13th 2014
Areeba AWESOME STORY! Areeba
Aug 1st 2013
Naima Nice Naima
Jan 22nd 2013
Menahil I've just uploaded part 6; the last part. the date is 27.10.12 Menahil
Oct 27th 2012
Menahil No Khadija, I got the pic 4rm the net Menahil
Oct 15th 2012
Khadijah Do you really have the kitten ? Khadijah
Oct 15th 2012
Menahil Thanxx Khadija! Menahil
Oct 11th 2012
Khadijah I mean the Kitten.............or What ever.......... Khadijah
Oct 5th 2012
Khadijah The Cat is sooooooooo CUTE............. Khadijah
Oct 5th 2012
Tooba Plz dont mind but it was copied i dont mind that u shared it but the winner r given prizes 4 their imagination. it wasnt your imagination. Dont mind Tooba
Oct 4th 2012
Muhammad Brilliant, Keep it up!!! Muhammad
Sep 30th 2012
Menahil Oh thanxx Manahil and B.T.W glad 2 tht Khadija, ur birthday also cumz in Oct!! Menahil
Sep 29th 2012
Menahil Hi every1, this comment tht I am posting now iz for my winning story (The 12 Months). Actually I am postin it here bcuz, no1 reads tht story now n this 1 is more popular. This comment iz for Arifa: a girl who posted a really rude comment on my story. Arifa, I clamied a long time ago tht I heard tht story (The 12 Months) in a class discussion and you asked that y the hell I posted it on VSHINE, the reason waz bcuz I wanted others 2 read the story, i never write any story with the purpose 2 win, i just want others 2 read my stories. KNOWLEDGE SHOULD B SHARED RATHER THAN KEPT SECRETIVE. and plz, learn how 2 comment nicely on other ppl's stories. Menahil
Sep 28th 2012
manahil I heart to much about this storyand now after reading this I can now belive that the were right!!!!!!!:d Manahil
Sep 28th 2012
Khadijah And my is 5 October. And I will turn to 12. Khadijah
Sep 27th 2012
Menahil Ya khadija my birthday iz on 29th october, I will b turnin 14. Menahil
Sep 27th 2012
Khadijah Menahil Baji is your birthday in October ? Khadijah
Sep 26th 2012
Sana Plz plz plz plz write it b4 17th october.............. Sana
Sep 26th 2012
Tooba Menahil!!!!!! i m going to pak on 17 october and will be back on November so plz publish fast Tooba
Sep 25th 2012
Khadijah And SORRY to ask such silly Questions on your page . You asked to comment on your story so... I will say...... . IT IS THE BEST STORY I EVER READ ! Khadijah
Sep 25th 2012
Khadijah Noooooooooooooooooo no no no no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would kindly request you TO WRITE IT BEFORE THE MONTH! Khadijah
Sep 25th 2012
Menahil Or else.... what Fatima???? The last part iz gonna cum b4 29th October, I promise, I wouldn't want that the last part is not here on my birthday right. Menahil
Sep 25th 2012
Aisha Really amazing!!!!Waiting anxiously for the next part..... Aisha
Sep 25th 2012
Tooba Menahil kindly write it before a month or else.......... Tooba
Sep 25th 2012
Aiman Story was amazing Aiman
Sep 25th 2012

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