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Dfg Dfggf
Dfg Dfggf
The City School Kapco Chapter
Angry Bird
Published On Sep 23rd 2012
Total Comments : 32
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Comments 32
dfg Yes its my writing!!!!!! Dfg
Aug 13th 2013
Soha Did u write that ANGRY BIRD by yourself? it's so cool! Nice hand writing :) Soha
Jun 9th 2013
dfg I am in this world............... Dfg
Apr 28th 2013
Soha Ashir.. Where r u? Soha
Apr 13th 2013
Soha No boy can nickname me and will never.. So it means that they're scared and you're a boy as you were saying that I can nickname u.. But u didn't so you are scared... I told u NO BOY CAN NICKNAME ME!!!!!! Soha
Feb 27th 2013
Soha You are scared Ashir, Hahaha......... Well, when is your birthday?? 23 october, isn't it?? Mine is on 24 October, just one day after yours Soha
Feb 27th 2013
dfg I am not scared............. Dfg
Feb 24th 2013
Soha Hahahahaha.... Scary Ashir..D:- Soha
Feb 12th 2013
Soha You!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boys are always scared of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no boy can dare to nickname me!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCARY BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And u, u can nickname me???????? So do, I'll be always Soha. OK!!! And me??? I am living in Islamabad.. Soha
Feb 11th 2013
Soha You can't nickname me Ashir....No boy can:) And me?? I am living in Islamabad. Soha
Feb 10th 2013
dfg Ohh really i can nickname u...... i am not afraid of anyone!!! and where r u living nowadays??????? Dfg
Feb 4th 2013
Soha Nice drawing!! Injla will be Injla OK Mr.Ashir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am with Eman. Never nickname a girl. Well no boy dared to nickname me!! SCARY BOYS!!!!!!! Soha
Feb 3rd 2013
Fatima Niceeee Fatima
Feb 3rd 2013
Mahno0r WOW! Mahno0r
Nov 30th 2012
Amna Awesome Ashir.. Amna
Nov 24th 2012
Momina Im with emaan! dont nickname a girl not polite. . . good drawing anyways. . . Momina
Nov 24th 2012
injla Ashir its not my qualities...and emaan they are not my nick name Injla
Nov 15th 2012
dfg Eid mubarak to all Dfg
Oct 29th 2012
rija Wow nice Rija
Oct 23rd 2012
Emaan I've heard it's not polite for a boy to nickname a girl Emaan
Oct 21st 2012
dfg Injla is in in our u know????? and the names of injla are her qualities;) Dfg
Oct 19th 2012
Emaan Nice :D And Injla will remain Injla, you Ashir, DON'T NICKNAME A GIRL! I mean it! Seriously. Emaan
Oct 18th 2012
injla Ainak wala jin Injla
Oct 14th 2012
Ahmad Well done!!!!!!! Ahmad
Oct 13th 2012
dfg By the way injla our class had made ur three names 1.injury 2.makrey in jala 3.IPL okkkkkkkkk! u knew that and whole v shine viewers have now seen your nick names i requst viewers to call injla with these names!!!!!!!!!!! Dfg
Oct 10th 2012
injla Oh niCe...!! and by the way ,era name injla hai n0t injury.or wt ever u say... Injla
Oct 7th 2012
dfg Thanx injury bahan Dfg
Oct 6th 2012
injla Nice ashir bhai...!!! lolzzZzz Injla
Oct 5th 2012
dfg Haroon now u have come to your real face isnt it?????????????? Dfg
Sep 30th 2012
Haroon It is good[';']/////////////////////////////////////////// Haroon
Sep 26th 2012
Haroon Only there is littel bit problem [.,] Haroon
Sep 26th 2012
dfg It is my best drawing dedicated to ammar junaid my best friend!!!! Dfg
Sep 23rd 2012

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