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Waleed Iqbal
Waleed Iqbal
The Ski Adventure
Published On Sep 18th 2012
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September 2012

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"Class before you leave I have a very important letter for your parents" said Mr Crocker. As he handed the letter out to his class of 6th graders Lewis and Carlos were talking. “I am so excited" shrieked Lewis “We are going to Geneva at winter". “I know" replied Carlos. Soon the trip came. The plane was at Geneva Airport. When the class got off they headed to a hotel. 30 minutes later Mr Crocker came back. Now let’s go skiing. While skiing for 3 days and sleeping at nights Lewis got annoyed. “Carlos, let’s just do what we want. We are not in school so teachers can't force us what to do" yelled Lewis” But they took us here and it’s their......" "And it’s our life our choice" interrupted Lewis. "Well........ok".
The next day while the class was skiing they went to the lake, a kilometre and a half away. While they were relaxing Mr Crocker told the class to get in the bus. Soon Mr Crocker fell asleep and didn't do the register. When they arrived at the hotel they all went to their room. Meanwhile Lewis was juggling with snowballs whilst Carlos was building ice sculpture. "Where’s the class?" asked Carlos as he dipped his ice lion in the water. Lewis ignored him and just carried on minding his own business.
Soon Mr Crocker checked all the rooms. Suddenly he realized Lewis and Carlos were missing. Then Lewis went another 3 kilometres with Carlos. They were a total of 12 kilometres away from their hotel. Mr Crocker was very worried. He ran around the city looking for them. Suddenly a snow storm appeared. The snow abandoned Mr Crocker on his search.
The snow storm went all evening. Then the kids realized they were lost after the snow storm. Then the police went on search for the boys. There were only 12 hours to go around the whole Geneva to find them. Then the kids were very hungry. They ate sandwiches and fell asleep. 10 hours later they woke up. “What time is it," yawned Lewis" "6:00 am" replied Carlos. Then Lewis screamed. The kids had to find their hotel room in less than 2 hours. Then they were caught by the police. They were taken back to the hotel. The class stared at them in fierce. Mr Crocker was steamed blood red. Lewis received detention 3 hours every school day of the year and got in school suspension for 1 month and as for Carlos, he got detention every day for 1 hour.
Their parents ground them for 2 months and banned video games for 1 year and no trips to foreign countries or cities for the time they stayed in elementary and middle school.
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Comments 8
Elsa Agree with Fatima Elsa
Feb 5th 2013
(^_^) Congrats (^_^)
Oct 30th 2012
Momina I think the punishements were a bit too harsh. . . I agreeded with Fatima, but all in all nice story.!! Cogratz!!!! Momina
Oct 28th 2012
Mano Nice Mano
Oct 19th 2012
Salwa Congratzzz Salwa
Oct 11th 2012
Amna Nice, but dear Fatima if they were lost then what happened??????? I suggest the punishments were right for naughty boys:-( CONGRATS WALEED:-) Amna
Oct 5th 2012
Anas Congtaz.. :) Anas
Oct 5th 2012
Tooba Nice but aren't the punishments a little toooooooooo harsh? Tooba
Sep 25th 2012

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