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Anas _
Anas _
Yanbu International School
How To Be A Winner
Published On Sep 24th 2012
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Being a winner is not an easy job. You need hard work and a lot of effort. For example if you want to be a winner at running race, it won’t be a good idea for you to sit at home and arrive on the day of race. This will decrease chances for you to win the race. But if really want to achieve something in the race; you will have to be hard on yourself. While training, you should keep in mind that others are also training like you, so you should work really hard.
I have been a winner in a soccer tournament. It was held in Jeddah. Interesting thing was that we thought we would lose badly! Actually, when you are playing as a team, you don’t really need the best players in the world to beat a team. What you mostly need is a good team work. When we won the soccer tournament, we were surprised because we didn’t have many good players. But since we had been playing as a team for more than 2 months, we had good understanding among ourselves. Each person knew what others were capable of and their best positions. And our leader (also our captain) was the one who knew everyone the best. Since he knew a lot, we assigned the best positions he could. This made our team play smoothly and so, we ended up creating really good plays which led to more goals! That way we won!
The last thing I want to talk about being a winner is that everything comes down to your talent. For example when I lived in Pakistan, I never played soccer there. Cricket was everyone’s favourite but I wasn’t good in that sport. But when I came to Saudi Arabia I tried soccer, and I improved in this game dramatically! Within two months I started playing better than the players who actually taught me to play. So it’s not only your hardworking but your talent as well. You are naturally good at things but you don’t really know if you are good unless you try new things! So my advice is to try new things, and you may end up finding a new talent!
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Comments 9
Emaan I don't like 1D at ALL! But I do like Big Time Rush. Well I just like the music, that's it. Emaan
Oct 29th 2012
arifa Uh.. anas 1D is British not American Arifa
Oct 7th 2012
Anas One does not simply follow something that is haraam! you know these music people are nothing.. especially american musicians are pressured by illuminaties.. and they are against should know what you like -_- Anas
Oct 4th 2012
Anas Emaan no.. I think you guys talk about 'one direction' or something.. but I am no fan of music .. Anas
Oct 4th 2012
Emaan Well no interesting talk here,even though your article is! Hey Anas,do you like any band or singing group? Emaan
Oct 3rd 2012
Anas Lol I have no clue.. I don;t WATCH soccer alot although i play it alot.. but yeah.. (pretty much) all Ronaldo supporters were Man U supporters.. Anas
Sep 28th 2012
arifa U dnt appreciate Madrid's SUPPORTERS who frst liked manu :) 'I' never liked manu though... I LOVE REAL MADRID!! GOSH! IKER CASILLAS IS SOOO AWESOME! & C.R ofcourse... :) do u know Taurus' daughter...he's in Chelsea.. i've heard his daughter is very cute! Arifa
Sep 27th 2012
Anas Thanks :) the reason I don;t appreciate madrid supporters is that they were first Man United supporters.. and at that time.. people weren't supporting madrid.. but as soon as ronaldo moved to madrid.. they started supporting this club and forget manu which was a good club.. Anas
Sep 27th 2012
arifa Nice! i love football too...though my fave club is real madrid not barcelona :) i am gonna 'like' this. Arifa
Sep 24th 2012

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