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Tooba Raheel
Tooba Raheel
Divisional Public School, Lahore.
Abdullah, A Patient Boy
Published On Sep 17th 2012
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“Abdullah” Mother called “Let’s go shopping”   “Ok” he replied. Abdullah was very intelligent and eleven years old. First of all they went to the grocery store; next they went to the bakery and bought Swiss chocolate. Then they bought clothes, toys, pizza and many other things. Then they went out and Abdullah’s mother called someone and then said “Oh no ok bye” “What happened?” Abdullah asked. Abdullah’s mother replied “I forgot it is Tuesday and on Tuesday the driver is in his house; we give him the day off. Wait I will call your father” She called him and after fifteen minutes there was their Prado. They went in and went. Then Abdullah’s father said “Where do you want to go to holiday I was thinking of Switzerland huh? We will buy a lot of chocolates, cheese and watches” Abdullah and his mother agreed that it would make a fine holiday. Then suddenly Abdullah yelled “Watch Out!” Abdullah’s father saw a big truck which was full of bricks coming towards them in high speed. He tried to stop but he was very fast. CRASH!
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Comments 18
Irza Nice Irza
May 18th 2017
Soha Nice story!! Soha
Feb 25th 2013
Duaa Gguudd Duaa
Dec 16th 2012
Momina Congratz for doin UMRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope to go next year great story Momina
Dec 14th 2012
Khadijah Emaan....You ever did Umrah ? Khadijah
Sep 27th 2012
Tooba Thanx Emaan Tooba
Sep 27th 2012
Emaan MashaAllah Our Vshine Fatima went to Umrah! May Allah Bless You (Amin) Emaan
Sep 27th 2012
zainab Nice Zainab
Sep 26th 2012
Tooba I have sent it so you can read it now Tooba
Sep 25th 2012
arifa Waitin 4 da next part fatima :) Arifa
Sep 24th 2012
Tooba Wajeeha and emaan looking forward for more stories. Tooba
Sep 23rd 2012
Tooba Thanks I m going to send the next part on Monday or Tuesday cuz I went to umrah :) Tooba
Sep 23rd 2012
Khadijah IT"S SUNDAY ??????????????????? When will you write ? Khadijah
Sep 23rd 2012
Wajeeha Gr8!!! btw m waiting! Wajeeha
Sep 21st 2012
Aiman Nice Aiman
Sep 21st 2012
Khadijah It's OK .We will wait for the next part :) Khadijah
Sep 20th 2012
Emaan Oh that's ok really, I know you are not that type of a person who ends the story abruptly when it's JUST getting to the good part, and I <3 it! Emaan
Sep 18th 2012
Tooba Sorry everyone i forgot to mention it is part 1 the story has three parts im sorry they are short i am going 2 write the next part on Thursday or Friday. I hoped you like it Tooba
Sep 17th 2012

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