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Neha Ayaz
Neha Ayaz
My First Day Of The New Class!!
Published On Sep 16th 2012
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Not every child thinks of school as a fun is just like riding a rollercoaster when it stops you want it to start and when it starts you want it to stop... In the same way when I got the vacations I felt bored..WHY??...when it was my choice that vacations should be there.. It is the human psychology...I got my school started on 28 August...i was really excited because now i was to be there in the first year of O Levels.. I was just thinking that now finally I’d be able to see my fallows after 3 months, who would teach us? And lots more was going in my mind.. I was not able to sleep that night.. finally the morning came I woke up took bath after that my breakfast and went on to school...on the entrance gate a huge 'welcome' was written and few balloons were there, I step forward there i met my fellow Mahnoor we both together went inside there was our previous Urdu teacher standing we met her and walk forward we both were searching our class there we saw our class then...three of my fallows were all ready there I met them and felt so happy... i took the seat with by one all the fellows came and i met them.. Then finally a class of 20 student was completed we went for assembly there we came to know we're having a new head master. Our previous hm was transferred to Lahore...we came to class there we met our class teacher who asked us that what we learned from our vacation? after that all the lessons went by...all were looking a bit different like grown up teenagers...I was a bit sad because one of my favourite maths teacher was not gonna teach us this year...then it was home time i came back home i was so much tired there was a severe pain in my legs i thought I am really ill it happened because i was just in a habit of resting for three months I went asleep  i woke up completed my  home work then watch TV and went asleep
Now the schools were opened all enjoyments were over...I asked myself Neha you were saying that schools should open...Now What???
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Comments 24
mubushra Pretty effort neha :) Mubushra
Feb 26th 2013
Hiba Nyc...pleas neha like my stories toooooooo @hiba Hiba
Feb 19th 2013
Soha Nice! It also happens with me after vacations.....) Soha
Jan 26th 2013
LyeBa Nyc 1...! Lyeba
Jan 3rd 2013
Amna Ohhhh,I see! Amna
Dec 29th 2012
Neha Ya we're all bros nd sissy's actually my surname is of my father while they b0th khans..nd thnxx Neha
Dec 29th 2012
Amna Neha ur full name is Neha Ayaz and Ashir's and Haroon's full name is Ashir/Haroon Khan are u all brothers and sister????If yes, then how ur all full names are different???? well,nice story...... Amna
Dec 25th 2012
Neha Thnxx vshine 4 publishing my dis 1 st0ry in da n0vember edition of vshine..em really thankful!! Neha
Dec 3rd 2012
Neha Wlc0me laiba.. Neha
Dec 3rd 2012
Laiba Neha em back dear!!!!!!!!!! view my screen n ans de questionx... Laiba
Dec 2nd 2012
rija Its okk sis neha:) Rija
Nov 17th 2012
Neha Opsee..em really s0rry rija!!.. :D Neha
Nov 17th 2012
rija Welcome bt plzz correct my spelling of my name nehaaaaaaaaaaaa Rija
Oct 30th 2012
Neha Oh y not riji...em g0nna add u nd thnxx Neha
Oct 27th 2012
rija Plz neha add meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Rija
Oct 27th 2012
rija Neha plssa add me Rija
Oct 24th 2012
rija Nice dp nehaa Rija
Oct 23rd 2012
Neha Really...mahnoor which 1??.i guess these were the 1.. Neha
Sep 24th 2012
Neha Yea...ur right fatima this is a blessing 4 us dat school's bestowed 2 us!!! Neha
Sep 22nd 2012
Aiman Cool i really lyked it Aiman
Sep 21st 2012
Mahno0r Half ov the st0ry u f0rg0t t0 menti0n!l0l! Mahno0r
Sep 21st 2012
Emaan I liked it,it's cool! my first day of school was the best; half because in the science course there are chapters of biology! Yay me! Emaan
Sep 17th 2012
Tooba You might feel sad but you are really lucky there is some problem in our school so we are not going it was to open in 1st september but it has not :( .....................nice story Tooba
Sep 16th 2012
Aqsa Ohhh nice but it happens wid me too neha Aqsa
Sep 16th 2012

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