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Emaan  Farhan
Emaan Farhan
Westminster School And College
You Changed My Life
Published On Sep 16th 2012
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One day, when I was drawing what may be a latest cartoon character at that time. I was lonely since my bigger brother had gone to grandma’s. I was six at that time and I wanted someone to play with. I wanted to pinch someone's cheeks. I went to my mom, who was talking with my dad. "Mom I want a sister." Mother smiled at me, half laughing at my innocence. "Please?" I said, smiling. "You are not getting a sister, but a brother!" I was disappointed and went off to my room, sulking. Little did I know my life would be changed just a week after.
I didn't understand why I was sent to live with my Aunt and I didn't quite make out why mom was in a place called a hospital. I got a chance to see her in the hospital, and I hugged her and told her to come home with me. I wanted to see my big special brother too. "Mommy, why are you in this place?" I asked her. "Emaan, I am in here to give you a big surprise." I didn't know what that 'surprise' was, but I soon found out.
Aunt took me to the hospital and I had to wait outside in the waiting room of the hospital. I asked her why we were there, and she said, "Someone special is on the way to meet you." I was finally allowed to go inside and I couldn't believe my eyes. There was my mum, and I ran to her and hugged her, but there was someone else, do you want to know who? My baby brother. Of course the baby gets the most attention in the family, and I was jealous, but as I grew older, I loved him and understood him. He makes me proud in every way and now, Haadin my baby brother, you have changed my life.
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Comments 30
Momina I think its true sweeter-than-sweets-Emaan??? i read your 'About Me' and found out about your family. . . thaks for sharing your experience Momina
Nov 24th 2012
(^_^) Rija is saying to aimen not u! (^_^)
Nov 12th 2012
Emaan It's EMAAN not Aimen, Rija :) Emaan
Nov 3rd 2012
rija VERy VERy .........................nice aimen and plzz add me Rija
Nov 2nd 2012
Emaan EM! Emaan
Oct 26th 2012
Emaan Awesome, good to know you enjoyed, Aimen :DDDDDD Emaan
Oct 24th 2012
Aiman I was enjoying.........but with whoooo????ohhhhh i was just busy with my midterm papers and now they are over so im free now:) Aiman
Oct 21st 2012
Directioner Forever Thanx emaan.....i like people who blush....i dunno they look soooo cute... Directioner Forever
Oct 5th 2012
Emaan Directioner: Aww you know the way to anyone's heart and make blood rush up to their cheeks! You are so nice :) Emaan
Sep 29th 2012
Emaan Ahhh... What's the matter Aimen? Seems like you're enjoying yourself... with that ahhhh Emaan
Sep 29th 2012
Directioner Forever Hi emaan!!! that's exactly what happened with me... but yeah I love my bro too but still he teases me a lot....anyways like your stuff... Directioner Forever
Sep 28th 2012
Aiman Ahhhhh<3<3<3your picture!!!funny,cutie pie Aiman
Sep 26th 2012
Emaan Now everyone can see how adorable I looked when I was a year younger than I am now :) Sorry,don't think I'm boastful,please! C'mon I gotta give MYSELF a pat on the back too :) Emaan
Sep 25th 2012
(^_^) Is this u in pic? (^_^)
Sep 24th 2012
fatimah Awesome:) Fatimah
Sep 23rd 2012
zainab Emaan put a closer pic of you so i can see yo face Zainab
Sep 22nd 2012
Aisha Your looking quite cute in this pic...or maybe u r cute..Well ur bro is also looking nice... Aisha
Sep 21st 2012
Aiman I luv it and haadin is so cute and ur lukin nice to:) Aiman
Sep 21st 2012
Emaan Ummm... Emaan
Sep 21st 2012
arifa Ur skool's in which spelling bee? the dawn spelling bee? Arifa
Sep 20th 2012
(^_^) I can not c ur face. (^_^)
Sep 20th 2012
Emaan Yes it's me and Haadin alright :D Emaan
Sep 20th 2012
Tooba Nice pic is it you and ur brother? Tooba
Sep 19th 2012
Emaan Fatima I'll publish the gemstone sisters after a big period of time because now my mum has put an "internet" curfew,because I really want my school to win in the spelling bee,so wait for a bit young lady :)))),and as soon as your done with waiting,I'm sure you'll think it was all worth:D Aww no words for your kindness,you truly are the lucky one Fatima :) Emaan
Sep 18th 2012
Tooba Looking forward 4 ur story the gemstone sisters(you said you would write the story in believe in yourself 5) Emaan you are lucky 2 have so many person saying your story is amazing im waiting and waiting 4 comments on my story :| Tooba
Sep 17th 2012
Sana Amazing Sana
Sep 17th 2012
Emaan Thank you Raniah,and Fatima,you two are awesome and amazing yourselves, what am I kidding you're the best! And yes Khadija,this is true. My bros are the world to me. Emaan
Sep 17th 2012
Tooba Awsome Tooba
Sep 16th 2012
Khadijah Is it true ? Khadijah
Sep 16th 2012
Raniah Very nice . . amazing . . . :) Raniah
Sep 16th 2012

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