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Mahnoor Khalid
Mahnoor Khalid
Beacon House School System
Heaven On Earth
Published On Sep 9th 2012
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September 2012

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On May 24th 2012, I and my family started our journey to the marvellous cities of Shogran and Naran. At 9 am we reached Islamabad by plane and then started our road journey to Shogran.
It was a beautiful and amazing mountain sight while travelling to Shogran. Despite the hot weather on the way, we were thoroughly enjoying the journey till finally we stopped for lunch in Abbotabad. We quickly finished lunch and once again we were on the road.
We saw many breath taking sights like amazing waterfalls and beautiful forests and finally reached KAWAII.
Kawaii was a beautiful place with rushing waters from the glaciers. We sat on benches with our feet in ice cold water and had tea while gazing at lush green trees above us. It was so soothing over there that we didn’t want to move from that spot but had to continue further.
It was a narrow steep road from Kawaii to Shogran with a deep dale on our one side and mountain on the other. Though the journey was quite frightening but no one can enjoy that memorable sight without taking that risk. We reached shogran in almost one hour and the chilly cold breeze welcomed us.
The name of our hotel was Pine Park. We stayed in the Swiss cottage. From one of our windows we could see a beautiful pine forest. We were so tired that we slept the very first instance and woke up 3 hrs later.
Then with our guide we went for a walk outside the hotel. Our guide told us that Shogran is 2362 m above sea levels and from there we could see beautiful and full of snow mountain peaks of Kashmir, Naran and other areas. From shogran we can go to siri, Paya and Makra peak.
The next day we went to Siri Paya. It was a long, steep bumpy jeep ride. We reached Paya after an hour or so. Here we saw long and beautiful trees and amazing meadows with a variety of unique flowers. To make the scene even more beautiful it started to rain. We spent an hour in the freezing cold atmosphere of Paya and then returned. Going back in the jeep was a bit harder because of rain and mud. Although it was an extremely tiring journey yet one of our most beautiful experiences of life.
The next day we started our journey to Naran. The most unique feature of this journey was river Kunhar running all the way to Naran. We saw immense number of eye catching waterfalls on the way and many huge glaciers looking like gigantic walls of ice just before entering the city of Naran.
We stayed in PTDC motel in a surti cottage. It was a beautiful cottage made of glistening stones. The cottage was located just beside the rushing river Kunhar. It was a beautiful sight. That day we sat beside the river admiring it. Next day we couldn’t go to Saif-ul-Malook because of gigantic glaciers blocking the way, so we went for fishing. Although there were many more attractive places nearby e.g. Laluser Lake, lalazar, babuser top and Ansoo Lake but we couldn’t go there because of blocked roads due to glaciers.
The next day we went to Islamabad and visited Fatima Jinnah Park and Rose Garden. On 30th may we returned back to Karachi with the incredible memories of our trip to the amazing land of Kaghan.
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Comments 11
barirah Wonderful Barirah
Oct 20th 2012
barirah Wonderful gr8 Barirah
Oct 20th 2012
xxAngelxx Not offending ur article...It's really nyc but Heaven on earth for me is UAE Xxangelxx
Oct 18th 2012
Anas AAAMMMAAZING! loved ur story and you enjoyed a lot.. 5 or 6 years ago. we went to Sawaat.. it was kind of same place as you are talking about.. from there we went to a place named Kallaat... and further up north and ended our journey at the glacier... same experience and your story just reminded me about my trip! Same thing happened.. cold water literally made our feet frozen.. and lol.. the people selling cokes and other drinks had just kept them in running cold water and so.. no need of refrigerator.. we had to also see a lake.. I forgot its name.. (saif al maluk probably?) its one of the most beautiful lakes on earth.. thats what I know.. but unfortunately we had no time to go there.. but it was a really good trip for me.. and congratulations :) Anas
Oct 5th 2012
Tooba Congrats 4 being the winner :) Tooba
Oct 4th 2012
Malaika Cool story. keep up the good work Malaika
Oct 3rd 2012
Neha These places s0und amazin..!!! Neha
Oct 3rd 2012
jia Lol Jia
Oct 3rd 2012
Simra Sounds very fun and great job on the story. Simra
Sep 29th 2012
Emaan Wow, that must have been AH-MAZING! Emaan
Sep 29th 2012
Tooba A wonderful experience mahnoor Tooba
Sep 29th 2012

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