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Aqsa Noor
Aqsa Noor
Siddeeq Public School
Diary Of A Nasty Kid
Published On Sep 3rd 2012
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Monday, 18th June 2012.
I really want some money so that I can buy that video game which i saw in the shop the other day. Mom didn’t give me any money because she wanted me to earn some money in these holidays. These could be the worst holidays a child can ever have-going to that tiresome swimming pool and practicing swimming with all those nasty and creepy children- watching boring puppet shows instead of one of those horror movies because Manny's around-washing dishes at night with my nasty brother, Peter-eating cabbage soup in which cabbages are swimming like people in water. I was sitting by the window thinking of some ways to earn money when I saw Jeffersons putting their luggage in the car. They were probably going to Thailand for their holiday. I wished if I can ever go there too instead of that nasty swimming pool or football stadium where we often used to go. I headed towards their house to say them good bye. Rowley was standing by the car holding his kitten which he had recently bought from supermarket last Sunday. He told me that he was looking for some truthful person whom he can trust and hand over his kitten to. Then suddenly a mega idea struck my mind. I offered him my services. That was pretty hard to be sweet and king to one you hate the most but i can do everything for that video game. He and his father agreed at once and told me that they would pay me 2 bucks a day. With this they handed me over their kitten and other stuff. I took the kitten and happily told her about the kitten and money. For that she gave me a nice beating cause it was er rule oh the house not to keep any pet animal around the house until Manny I 9 but I still remember that Peter and dad kept a puppy when I was 6. So that was pretty bad for me. Dad was over the moon when heard about the kitten cause he loved to keep pets. I handed over everything to him but didn't tell him about money because then he would ask me to give him half the money I will get from Jeffersons. That was pretty smart of me. With this I went to my bedroom and started writing the story that I had to send in the magazine the next week......
Tuesday, 19th June 2012.
                   TO BE CONTINUEUD..................
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Comments 15
Tooba One thing i would like to say! you hav written the same as "DIARY OF A WIMPY KID" "DOG DAYS" so this means you cheated it from dat . it wasn't ur creation i'll not appreaciate u Tooba
Jan 16th 2013
Emaan You just don't understand! Don't take my 'nasty' as a bad thing. Diary of a Nasty Kid is your story, so I was saying that the character in it is nasty and the name is appropriate! Emaan
Oct 29th 2012
Tooba I can't help it if it's boring Tooba
Sep 10th 2012
Aqsa Emaan i would luv 2 take it as a compliment if u had given it like one Aqsa
Sep 10th 2012
Aqsa Fatima if u people r saying that giving harsh comments is the way 2 express one's feelings then u better know k im just EXPRESSINGS MY FEELINGS TOO ;P;P n bu the way writing boring is not as harsh as writing on one story that's its nasty n dumb........ if emaan thinks that it is a dumb thing that y u people r getting angry when i wrote boring.... Aqsa
Sep 9th 2012
Emaan Oh and BTW,Your story was meant to be nasty,so why don't you just forget about it and take it as a compliment. Emaan
Sep 9th 2012
Tooba By the way @Aqsa if that is harsh then your comment on her story is also harsh Tooba
Sep 8th 2012
Sana But we have full right 2 express our feelings. I agree with eman + fatimah Sana
Sep 6th 2012
Tooba Its not harshyits her feelings about the story Tooba
Sep 6th 2012
Aqsa Emaan if u dont wanna read it then dont theres no need of such harsh comments Aqsa
Sep 4th 2012
zainab Its diary of a winpy kid Zainab
Sep 3rd 2012
Tooba I agree with emaan Tooba
Sep 3rd 2012
Emaan Nasty like anything, HEY PPL! Read DEAR DUMB DIARY,IT'S dumb!! Emaan
Sep 3rd 2012
Disenchanted. It.s diary of a WIMPY kid and its nyc Disenchanted.
Sep 3rd 2012
Aisha Nice but i guess it's from Diary of a wimpy kid....Isn't it... Aisha
Sep 3rd 2012

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