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Simran Waseem
Simran Waseem
The City School
The Injured Bird
Published On Aug 31st 2012
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Wania was on her way home when she heard a soft chirping sound coming from the nearby bush. The chirping aroused her curiosity so she went to the bush to have a look. She looked closely all around the bush and saw a little bird.
She picked it up and went home.
WANIA: Mother, can we help this pigeon?
Mother took the pigeon from Wania gently. She felt the pigeon’s wings carefully. One of them was broken. She put medicine on it and bandaged the wing.
MOTHER: Get the fruit basket Can you line it with old paper?
WANIA: Of course I can. Mother spread a soft cloth over the paper. She gently laid the pigeon in the basket.
MOTHER: You must look after it. It can’t eat much. Give it some breadcrumbs.
The pigeon pecked at the crumbs. Wania gave it to eat. Then wania gave the pigeon some water to drink. After the two days the pigeon looked better.
WANIA:See, mother, it can hop now but it still can’t fly. The pigeon followed Wania around the house, hopping after her.
MOTHER: Her wings have started mending.
After the two weeks, Wania and her mother took the pigeon out into the garden. It hopped around a bit. Suddenly, it flew up to the lowest branch of mango tree. Then it flew down and sat on Wania’s shoulder for a minute. After that, it flew away into the sky, calling, COO COO!!!
WANIA: Oh mother, the pigeon said, “Thank you!”
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Comments 3
Phoenix Nice:) Phoenix
Oct 21st 2016
 Shiza Its a very nice story and you know what my best friends name is also Wania. Shiza
Jan 24th 2014
Wajeeha Amazing story =) Wajeeha
Sep 23rd 2012

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