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Anas _
Anas _
Yanbu International School
An Unforgettable Mistake
Published On Aug 31st 2012
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A week ago, we went to Madinah. My father made a really terrible mistake that we can never forget. We could have been in big trouble, but luckily we were safe.
It was early morning when we left to Madinah (we live in Yanbu which is 2 hour drive away from Madinah). We never realized that we might be in trouble. Everything went all right when we reached Madinah. When we went inside the mosque, my father realized that he was missing something. It was his Iqama and Atm Card. My father thought that he had taken all these cards from home and they might have fallen somewhere here. Afterwards, he began to remember that he never made sure that he had put all the cards in his pocket before leaving the house.
“I think the cards might be in the house, but if they are not, then it will be even worse,” said my father.
My father had a really worried look on his face. It took me a while to realize that without Iqama, it’s illegal to leave your city! And that was exactly what we had done! We had left the city and now we didn’t have Iqama. And if any police asks for the Iqama, we would be in big trouble.
When it was time to go home, we hoped for the best and my father tried to drive on speed limits (he usually drives fast) so that it’s unlikelier that police asks us for the  Iqama. On the highway, we were lucky that none of police on checkpoints asked us for the Iqama.
When we reached home, we were very scared that what if the Iqama is not at home. Fortunately, we found it on the dining table, left as if it was dropped by someone while taking it out from the small basket.
It was a really small mistake that could have cost us a lot. The dropping of the card on the table had kept us worrying for hours in Madinah. Imagine if someone was caught by the police with the same story. That small mistake would have then them into a really big consequence.
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Comments 25
Directioner Forever U keeping up with the series with SA?????? Directioner Forever
Feb 5th 2013
Directioner Forever OMG....we are buying a cow in Pakistan.....and here the weather is colder than usual cz we don't get cold here.....yesterday their was a sandstorm here..i have allergy so i got flu and all..Hehehhe Directioner Forever
Oct 23rd 2012
Emaan I he a r a conversat ion ! Emaan
Oct 23rd 2012
Anas Buying three goats (one in pakistan). oh my god yesterday.. a tremendous sandstorm along with rain blew.. and it ripped off trees and sign boards fell on the ground.. and trashcans went flying.. Anas
Oct 22nd 2012
Anas Today the weather was so nice.. full cloudy with chances of t-storm for tomm.. ;) Anas
Oct 20th 2012
Directioner Forever We don't have winter break... holidays started.... soooo what are Ur plans for eid ?? what did u buy for qurbani??? we'll be buying two goats Inshallah..... Directioner Forever
Oct 19th 2012
Anas Nope.. starting next week... but then in December.. there is a winter break that lasts for 17 days .. thats even better :) Anas
Oct 18th 2012
Directioner Forever Hi.... Anas have Ur hajj holidays started yet??? Mine are starting today... Today'll be the last day of school.... Directioner Forever
Oct 15th 2012
Anas Yeah .. west indies lol.. they were soo lucky.. first of all, sirilanka made really bad groups (for thier own comfort).. like they added west indies and all the weaker teams in thier groups while added pskistan, india, australia , AND sauthafrica on our side of the group which is total unfair. West Indies did an outstanding and surprising job by making 206 runs against west indies.. and yeah I did watch part of the Finals when Sirilanka was batting at the 10th over..cause I had a lot of h.w ... Anas
Oct 9th 2012
Directioner Forever Well some Indians did tease us ALOT but guess what we challenged them to have a game of cricket with us...and funny part was they didn't even knew how to carry the bat...and some of them posted really bad stuff on fb but Pakistanis still have their dignity..and have u head the news saying that srilanka actually tempered the pitch...anyways i am happy for west Indies that they won the woldcup!!! Did u watch the final?? Directioner Forever
Oct 7th 2012
Anas Haha.. we pakistanis all have controlled them.. who are they to tease you guys.. their team did not even make it to the semi finals.. adulrazzaq should have played and I told my friends that pakistan will suffer without him.. and you know the results.. probably abdulrazzaq will gain fame and lower the reputation of other batsman.. abdul razzaq is not encouraged in the team..well atleast we were better than india so at school, nothing happened :) .. Anas
Oct 7th 2012
Directioner Forever WE LOST!!!!! NASIR JAMSHED WAS GIVEN WRONG OUT....and that match looked pretty suspicious coz no one except hafeez performed...and what was with replacing razzaq @ the last moment!!! No player encouraged umar by staying on the wicket....umpires did ALOT of cheating..... Oooooooooooohhhhh we are gonna be teased by Indians @ school.... Its soooo sad...:(:( Directioner Forever
Oct 5th 2012
Anas -_-.. pakistan's out! -_- Anas
Oct 4th 2012
Directioner Forever Yayyy India is out...Pakistan is playing semifinal today...i am really nervous....but i have a good feeling...and yeah Australia and west Indies in the second semifinal..which team (Australia or west Indies ) do u want in the Final?? BEST OF LUCK PAKISTAN!!!! Directioner Forever
Oct 4th 2012
Anas Yeah I am.. :).. Umar Gul saved the day today.. but looks as if India will lose .. =) Anas
Sep 28th 2012
Directioner Forever Hey anas are u watching t20 woldcup??? I am really excited.. Best of luck Pakistan!!! Directioner Forever
Sep 28th 2012
Emaan I dunno whats the use of the friends list, I think it's nice to have,like a million people who friend you on V shine, and you can go to that person's screen easily just by picking from the Friend List. I know it's scary to see a policeman,with thief big serious faces and questioning tones. Emaan
Sep 20th 2012
Anas I have no clue of Victoria justice.. but it was scary whn passing by a police.. :) where u live? what ur dad does(job)? Anas
Sep 17th 2012
Emaan OMG if that would happen to me, I would FREAK THE FREAK OUT! (I heart heart Victoria Justice) :D Emaan
Sep 16th 2012
Anas Emaan waht is the use of friend list?!?! no chat nothing.. -_- Anas
Sep 15th 2012
Emaan Wow,that was ONE mistake! But I liked this! Please add meee! Emaan
Sep 12th 2012
Anas Despite that negativity you showed.. I think its a good thing that KSA is strict on all this.. you know... paper work is all necessary because it makes it easier for others to do illegal work (if no death certificate).. like in Pakistan.. people have pension going.. now when they die.. (government doesn't take paper work seriously in Pakistan) so their sons just don;t make the paper work.. instead they change their status to 'serious illness' and they continue to get their pension.. for free even though the person is dead.. but KSA is strict abt all that! Anas
Sep 1st 2012
Aisha Thanx for sharing and sorta awaring us of the whole incident...Really it could have been extremely dangerous to leave the place without important docs... Thanx God u all were lucky enough to escape ..Or else it could result in something really dangerous.... Aisha
Sep 1st 2012
Directioner Forever Hi..OMG seriously??? that really was a big mistake and it was fortunate that u guys didn't get caught otherwise it could have been really terrible... I just don't get it why these Saudi's are so much conscious for everything.. I mean one of our family friend was in coma in King fahad hospital.. she died on friday but they are not letting her be buried just coz the paper work isn't complete!! I mean why are they keeping her for so long , she died everything ended now whats the use of all this stuff.. it drives me crazy sometimes but I love K.S.A... Directioner Forever
Sep 1st 2012
Anas Comment Anas
Aug 31st 2012

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