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Sana  Raheel
Sana Raheel
Mansoura International School
The Magic Pencil (3)
Published On Aug 31st 2012
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Weeks later, Najaf concentrated a little more. But, sadly her friend left the city. Najaf grew sad and her history teacher was changed. He had a daughter of Najaf’s age. She was intelligent but Najaf was. The teacher knew that if Najaf concentrated hard, she will be better in studies than his daughter. So he started thinking of a way to make his daughter the top student of class. As he taught history, which is very boring, Najaf started drawing her pencil case (with the magic pencil) which she forgot in her home. The new teacher was very strict and took the pencil from Najaf. She was very unhappy as she knew that he won’t give it back.
After school that day, Najaf went to the staff room and asked the teacher for her pencil. The sir hated Najaf, and told her that she won’t get it back. Najaf pleaded that it was her dead parent's pencil but the sir didn’t listen. She then, by mistake told him that it was a magic pencil. The sir, astonished told her to give proof. Najaf asked him what to draw. The sir told her that the next day he'll think of something for her to draw.
Najaf agreed and went home. Meanwhile, the sir knew that Najaf was not lying because she was very truthful. He thought that if he could think of something for her to draw or write that will get her in trouble; he will get his daughter as the most intelligent girl in school. He still had the pencil with himself. So he drew some coins to check if it was really magical. It was. So, he wrote: Najaf will be accused as a big criminal and will be sent to jail. The next day it happened so. The queen’s jewellery was missing and was found in Najaf’s home. All of the maids and servants were already fired. Najaf lived there alone and was sent to jail. The pencil could only stay with its rightful owner. So, the next day, it was with Najaf, in jail.
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Comments 10
Momina Agree with all positive comments!!!!!!!! awesome Momina
Dec 14th 2012
Urwa Does Najaf have the pencil or the teacher? Urwa
Dec 7th 2012
Sana Published :) :) :) Sana
Sep 11th 2012
Sana Sorry but i could not publish the next part yesterday...:( Sana
Sep 11th 2012
Emaan I'll DIE for the next part,this story is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo innnnnnnteresttinggggggggg!!!!!!!!!! Emaan
Sep 9th 2012
zainab Nice job sana. really impressed Zainab
Sep 6th 2012
Sana Well, the last part will be sent to the website on monday Sana
Sep 6th 2012
Aisha I am really liking this story...It's getting more and more interesting.... Aisha
Sep 5th 2012
Sana U can't force anyone :/ Sana
Sep 2nd 2012
Tooba Nice, people show ur feelings about the story i think its great Tooba
Aug 31st 2012

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