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Maryam Fatima
Maryam Fatima
Caa Model School 3
Revise What You Have Forgot
Published On Aug 31st 2012
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Everything will be left behind and we will die. Now when we are able to do everything, we feel proud of ourselves but one day will come and surely come when we will not be able to do a single thing, not even we can protect ourselves. On that day when we will dead, when we will be no more what we are today, everybody will be crying except us and our bodies will be put under earth and be mixed with sand which we today hate. We don’t want to make our hands dirty of this sand. We have actually forgotten that we ourselves are made up of this sand and our final destination would also be this sand. We will be left behind our lovers, our parents, our family, and everybody would leave us in that dark. Whenever I think about this, I just start crying and tears automatically drop from my eyes. I don’t know why people are busy in themselves. They don’t do justice and equality. They have forgotten that one day will come when Allah will ask everything what we have done in the world. Either the people have forgotten it or they dont what to realize it. They don’t want to meet with the reality. They dont want to see the real mirror because they are afraid that their dirty character with the marks of sins will be shown but they have forgotten that one day will come when our whole dirty character would be shown in front of everybody. The reason of writing and posting this article is not to get your likes and good comments but actually I want to revise that, the day of judgement is very near and we have not done any preparation for it yet. In world for a single exam we do a lot of preparation but the real examination is near and we have not done a single thing or a single preparation. The mission of writing this article is to make you guys aware of the reality of this life. Be good and do well. Make your character at least good so we can pass from that real examination. I hope you guys must have learnt something from it and will practice things I have told you.In this world of selfishness and rudeness everyone is busy in making their lives beautiful, making their faces glamorous, making their bodies fit, making money, but I think that they don’t really know that these things are not to survive, they all will soon collapse and our all money, our houses, our cars, and everything will come to an end.
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Comments 3
Muhammad Hassam Great Muhammad Hassam
Sep 12th 2012
maryam It is, and I believe Maryam
Sep 5th 2012
Sienna John is..but how r u sure thaat the day of judgement exists? how do u know its near? Sienna John
Sep 2nd 2012

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