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Omer Tahir
Omer Tahir
Becon House School System
A Visit To A Safari
Published On Aug 21st 2012
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August 2012

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Last month I went to the safari with my classmates. We went there by a van and passing there we saw many beautiful fields. I took many photographs. I published it on the facebook.  There were many dangerous, vulnerable and beautiful animals. In the safari there was a reptile house where all the vicious reptiles were kept. There were some of the renowned reptiles - which had fangs. Many children had come with their families. They were moving around the path to see the animals. One monkey had climbed up the car and had jumped over the fence. The monkeys were playing near the fence and some were munching their bananas noisily. There was also a pond near the fence where the nasty and vicious crocodiles were lying in the water and having a sunbath. Beside the pond there was a tortoise which was sitting on the rock. There were also a group of lions and cubs. There were also a heard of giraffes which were eating food up on the ladder. Around the path there were three mountainous elephants which were looking frustrated and one elephant was very hungry which was sucking the leaves. There were many zebras which were playing with each other. There was a cafe from which we filled our hungry tummies. We ate a burger which was very scrumptious. When we all were returning back to our homes so we all were chatting and we all missed the safari and we also planned that next year also we will visit it and will bring our more friends with us. It was a very memorable trip for me because many years have passed and until now it’s very fresh in my mind. Whenever I think about it gives me a delight.
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Comments 8
irfan Aimen is right Irfan
Jun 3rd 2013
Anas Lol.. u have WON.. congratz..! =) Anas
Sep 3rd 2012
Neha Should it be a winner?don't mind omer but... Neha
Sep 1st 2012
Aiman Kind of boring........... Aiman
Aug 31st 2012
zainab First you said last month and you said years have passed whats the meaning of that Zainab
Aug 26th 2012
Anas Hey.. you never actually mentioned what place you visited! Anas
Aug 25th 2012
Neha Really omer a trip wd frnds would always make u to remind it!even its a place u have seen it many times Neha
Aug 23rd 2012
Tooba Its not a story. by the way its boooooooooooooooooooooooooing Tooba
Aug 22nd 2012

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