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Bint Mahfooz
Bint Mahfooz
Long Live Pakistan
Published On Aug 17th 2012
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Pakistan has nothing..........
Pakistan can only produce TERRORISM
 Pakistan is nowhere in the good rating of anything …..
Pakistan is all about sand rusted mountains & screams
1)    Second largest Muslim nation…
2)    Khewara mines: Second largest salt mine in the World
3)    Karakoram highway eighth wonder of the World
4)    World’s Largest deep sea port GWADAR
5)    Tarbela is the world’s largest earth filled Dam
6)    Shah Faisal Mosques one of the largest Masjid in the world
7)    The Land of oldest Civilization
8)    World’s 7th Nuclear Power NOTHING ON THIS GREEN EARTH IS STRONGER THAN PKAISTAN Because nothing on this green earth is stronger than a PAKISTANI
9)    5th Largest Army force in the world
10)    K2 the second highest mountain peak in the world
11)    World’s 7th largest pool of engineers and scientists
12)    World’s highest polo ground Shandur Northern Pakistan
13)    The Grand Trango features the world’s greatest nearly vertical cliff
14)    The Great wall of Sindh is the world’s largest fort
15)    Rohri toQueta this track passes through 20 tunnels and over 360 bridges. It’s the longest railway gradient of the world and most scenic railway ride of Asia
16)    Nanga Parbat ninth highest mountain on earth & biggest face on earth
17)    Himalayan brown bears are largest on the Deosai Plateau
18)    5th Largest gold deposit on the world
19)    5th Largest Coal Reserves
20)    Asia’s most peaceful motorway
21)    ISI is the best agency in the world
22)    World’s Ninth Largest English speaking country
23)    Pakistan is the World's 5th largest milk producer. 25) Pakistan is the World's 11th largest wheat producer PAKISTAN has strength………..

PAKISTANI has strength We Are PAKISTANI still don’t know about its strength, beauty & power........

 Most Beautiful Destinations:-
1)    Katas raj temple it’s been nominated for UNESCO world heritage site.    2) Hingol National Park of Baluchistan ,Pakistan    3) Cold dessert of Sarkdu in Pakistan      4) Hunza Lake      5) Astola is the only significant offshore island in the northern Arabian Sea      6) Haleji lake:Asia’s largest bird Sanctuary        7)Mai pir….Ancient city ,,,this cave is larger than any other in the world     8)Dudiptsar Lake   9)Lake saif ul Muluk      10)Kachura Lake       11)Karamber Lake     12)Laila Peak     13)Nanga Parbat    14)Kaghan Valley     15)Bangla located near chakwal     16)Banjosa Lake      17)Deosai National Park     18)Glacier Pool   19)Khunjerab Pass   20 )Gwader Beach    21)Payee Lake    122)Lala Zar (often termed as most beautiful place on earth)    23)Neelim  Valley       24) Mingotra  25) Bureth Lake
And the list goes on & on It’s not end over here………………. Don’t see PAKSTAN from an eye of pessimist I have missed many things to mention but enough to fall in love with Pakistan LONG LIVE PAKISTAN!

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Comments 19
Aliza  Dude you might have mistaken Pakistan has the worlds most powerfull army on first num search it on google Aliza
Jan 31st 2016
zahaab I agree with Manahil if we just focus on our positive points points than we cannot improve the negative ones. Anyways its amazing and its good to see that there are people who still care. Zahaab
May 1st 2014
Saba @manahil ikr this article got publish in 2012 this is 2014 i knw my country is far away from progress bt i jxt shred what i knw this article does nt mean that my country is best bt Probably my country is blessed :) :) Saba
Jan 18th 2014
manahil You are right that Pakistan has many things of beauty ,strength e.t.c.but Pakistan need to develop too.if you just focus it positive points than you can't improve it negative once, so being a part of this state we should also focus its negative points. (never mind but there are some points that are wrong in this article) Manahil
Oct 21st 2013
Saba Thanxxx laiba yes first line is shock :P Saba
Jan 1st 2013
laiba FIRST LINE WAS A SHOCK ,YAR, It gradually became nicer.all in all, IT IS MARVELOUS !!!! Laiba
Dec 24th 2012
Saba Thanks alot emaan & everybody Saba
Dec 2nd 2012
Anza Really great....we all must be proud of being pakistani Anza
Oct 4th 2012
Emaan :D Emaan
Sep 22nd 2012
Shahamah Fantastic!!! Shahamah
Sep 21st 2012
Emaan That is SO TRUE! OUR PAKISTAN HAS EVERYTHING! We should be proud of our heroes and achievements,this is the best article I've read on Vshine,I mean it,Bint,it's fab-tasticly fabtastic!!!! Emaan
Sep 17th 2012
Raniah I love love love PAKISTAN and ur article is awsum :D Raniah
Sep 1st 2012
Saba U r welcom zuha :) Saba
Aug 22nd 2012
Saba Thanks yew everybody & aisha u r most welcome i m happy that u liked my article:) Saba
Aug 21st 2012
Bint waseem WE ALL LUV PAKISTAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! thnx bint 4 remindin us!!!!!!!!!! Bint Waseem
Aug 21st 2012
Muhammad Hassam Good................Pakistan is the first Islamic country which has ATOMIC POWER Muhammad Hassam
Aug 20th 2012
Aisha I just love this article......Thanx for sharing this much great information with us..... Aisha
Aug 18th 2012
Aliza Luv u pakixtan..:-) Aliza
Aug 18th 2012
Bint 24) Pakistan is the World's 5th largest milk producer. Bint
Aug 18th 2012

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