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Aliza Syed
Aliza Syed
Roots Millennium
“how Independent Are We?”
Published On Aug 17th 2012
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As the country hits its 65th year today, the spirits of our youth are seen lifted; living and breathing green. The stalls selling flags and badges on the streets, clothes and other accessories specially designed to set the mood, walking the parade where many may even sing the national anthem after a year. Moreover, all television channels have monotone logos, the commercials using the spirit of our independence to sell their products.
I have nothing against the celebrations. I am a patriotic Pakistani myself. I am one of you. But my point is – have we stopped to think even once where our country is headed? Why do we only come together on one platform every year on this day alone but and get apart the rest of the year?
We come together when we see the country rising, but point fingers at one another when our hopes begin to shatter. We live in this country complaining and unhappy but still live here for the luxury it offers.
We are forcing ourselves to drown into this endless hole of self-destructive oblivion. No one but we alone are responsible for where this country is headed.
Our patriotic spirits that have surfaced today will not help us end corruption, economic crisis, social gap and political pressure. It will not help feed those starving mouths, nor will it help shelter the homeless. It will not educate the masses, nor end their misery.
So how independent are we? What is this freedom if it doesn’t include liberation from hunger, inequality, injustice and exploitation?
Freedom means to have the right to choose. So what does it mean when we don’t have a choice? In a country where politicians are neck and neck in battle, how do we expect them to look at the bigger picture?
So then it comes down to us, the high-spirited patriots. We must not let our spirits die today. When tomorrow dawns, live with the same sense of pride and responsibility that you have in you today. Our optimism and belief are two of the most important virtues, which keep us going despite numerous harms that keep us down, time and again. We just need to carry this legacy of determination, belief and hope forward, and one day we may eventually make a difference in which we are and again emerge as a respectable nation.
Let today be the day we promise to stand on the same platform; kindling one heart at a time towards a better tomorrow.
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Comments 7
afifah Amazing article Afifah
Mar 8th 2013
mahnoor Good Mahnoor
Oct 30th 2012
Aliza Aisha.....! thanx a lot......actually ..ya i copied but i wanted to share the website but my internet conection was'nt working at that as you have said DAWN so its easy for me.......sorry for answering late Aliza
Aug 27th 2012
Aisha I actually read the exactly same article written by someone else in dawn website Aisha
Aug 21st 2012
Aliza Y aisha.......????????? y do u think that? :) Aliza
Aug 20th 2012
Muhammad Hassam GOOD................... Muhammad Hassam
Aug 18th 2012
Aisha Nice article but it hasn't been written by u...Am i right... Aisha
Aug 18th 2012

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