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Bakhtawar Abbasi
Bakhtawar Abbasi
The City School
Beautiful Relationship
Published On Aug 17th 2012
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When a mom weeps from the pains inflicted by the world on her, when she weeps because all the world is against her, when she weeps because she can’t pursue the relationships, when she weeps thinking about the ages to come, when her son will be an officer, her daughter a doctor, when she weeps coz her ears long to hear the "Naani mama"(grandmother) sound, and her arms die to have the baby creature, whom she can proudly call, her grandson, when she weeps for her old father, coughing and sneezing and her anile mother awaiting her death, there no consolation left but her own nippers, that's when the meaning of love unveils, the chain, the knots between a mother and a child unleashes. Wiping the oceans of tears and drying them miraculously, saying "Don't cry, why do you? when we are with you alive" No words can do the Charisma these words do on a mothers feelings, the tears turn into steam and she realizes that she wasn't alone, She realizes Almighty's blessings on her, and she stands up to face whatever come may. She feels her long withered body had again blossomed with the spring, A new woman had been born with new powers, she then knows her life was beautiful, it had colours, it had flowers,  a large garden which she and only she owned, took care of and watered those roses, she knows now that she was important if not for the world for her own garden, and it needed her the most, That garden was her own children.
That's the higher most example of love alive in the world, and remain till the very ends of living:)
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Comments 6
Shahamah Superb Shahamah
Sep 21st 2012
Ashna Wow...that's brilliant!! Ashna
Sep 4th 2012
Maham Vv.v nice, dont mind can i ask sumthng? are u a sort heighted girl? have u gone to lahore and studied in The Punjab School? Maham
Aug 27th 2012
Muhammad Hassam NICE Muhammad Hassam
Aug 20th 2012
Disenchanted. My mother is my Angel Disenchanted.
Aug 18th 2012
Aliza XimplY AW3x0m3....!:) Aliza
Aug 18th 2012

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