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Maryam Tariq
Maryam Tariq
Crescent Bahria Cadet College
Noor Ul Ain (part 7)
Published On Aug 15th 2012
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The prince promised and gave them a diamond and went from there. He went to a shop from where he bought a rope and then came again to that garden's back side, he threw the rope to a tree, it stuck to a branch, he climbed up and went in the garden, it was evening time and was just about to sunset ,he saw that there was a bed on which the princess was lying and there was a table where the king has placed some food for her to eat, he thought "oh poor king, he is still in this superstitious that she will wake up :( “then behind a tree he laid for sleep when he woke up in the morning, he was extremely surprised to see that there was no food which he saw at night, he thought to see in the following night, he walked for some time and then again slept, after evening he woke up, he saw that again there was some food on the table, he smiled and promised himself to see what happens at night. he waited for many hours and then he again went for sleep, but suddenly he thought that maybe something will happen after 12 am so he waited till 12 am, when the clock stroke 12, The princess woke up and started crying, the prince was just got so much scared he thought her spirit woke up, he started shivering and still hid behind the tree. she cried extremely saying" mom, dad why u guys did this to me, what I did with you, y u left me alone :'("she cried till 4am and suddenly fall on the grass after 4 am. The prince watched everything and slept thinking that coming night he'll ask her what happen to her? When he woke up, he saw that she was lying on bed (the king and queen set her and took her from grass to bed. next night, after 12 am when she woke up, she cried saying "I am so bad, no one likes me, and everyone hates me but why???” The prince came near to her and said "u r not alone, I am here what happened to u?” she watched her in a scary emotion, he asked again "don't be afraid of me, tell me" she cried again saying "I don't know I think I am always be like this, u must go to your country because your being here is useless" he said "tell me maybe I can help, your friend came to my country as my wife, don’t know that whether she is princess or not but I hate her and I want to marry you, she made me fool, she said that u r her friend and u have gone to another country and also married there."
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Comments 7
areeba Really nice part , I have not read all the parts but I have read this one and it gives me an idea whats story is about , marvelous... Areeba
Apr 10th 2014
Maryam I think the next part is last Maryam
Aug 15th 2012
Maryam Hmm maybe 9 or 10,just about to finish :) Maryam
Aug 15th 2012
zainab How many parts does this has Zainab
Aug 14th 2012
Muhammad Hassam Good HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY................ Muhammad Hassam
Aug 14th 2012
Khadijah Next one,next chapter faster,faster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Khadijah
Aug 14th 2012
Maryam A lil mistake its lying not laying :) Maryam
Aug 14th 2012

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