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Shaheer Ahmed
Shaheer Ahmed
Nasruddin Hodja (hot Stew)
Published On Aug 18th 2012
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One day Hodja thought he would get some meat to make some hot, delicious stew. He stopped to get some. He got a whole kilo of meat. When he got home he gave the meat to his wife and told her about the stew. After that he went out to a tea shop. His wife cooked the stew. After a while she decided to taste it. It tasted so good, she ate it all!! Hodja asked her who ate it and all she replied was that the cat ate it. The next day Hodja bought another kilo of meat and told his wife to make some. He went out for tea again. But his wife could not help herself. She ate it all again! This time she gave the same lie, the cat ate it. Hodja got a weighing machine, and weighed the cat. It weighed exactly 1 kilo. He asked “if this is the meat then where the cat is and if this is the cat then where is the meat?”
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Comments 7
Aisha You can't say that it is copied or it is written by your own self becoz nasiruddin hodja was a real life person....And their r many incidents of his daily life depicting his intelligence and sometimes stupidity.....his stories are sometimes logical but sometimes very illogical.....This boy is just sharing those incidents with us...... Aisha
Aug 22nd 2012
Emaan Shaheer,is it true? Have you copied it? Because it disappoints me that a nice story is copied to get credit when I truly believe you can write better :( Tell please Emaan
Aug 22nd 2012
Muhammad Hassam COPIED............. Muhammad Hassam
Aug 20th 2012
Aiman That story is was written in my 4th class urdu book:( Aiman
Aug 19th 2012
Aliza LOLXZZZZZz Aliza
Aug 19th 2012
zainab You just copied it from the book oxford reading circle and changed it a little Zainab
Aug 18th 2012
Aisha Nice one....I liked it... Aisha
Aug 18th 2012

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