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Arifa Adil
Arifa Adil
Aah! Ssharrkk!!!
Published On Aug 31st 2012
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It was a hot and sunny Sunday. Everyone was sweltering and fighting to sit under the fan. My cousin's family decided to go to the beach to cool off. The scorching sun was fiercely blazing far up in the sky. My cousin plunged into the cool and refreshing water to swim a little. It was a pleasant scenario and everybody was enjoying their trip to the beach. But suddenly, the scene changed. A teenage guy who was an expert swimmer was missing and his folks were harassed. In another second loud screams were in the air," AAH! SSSHHAARRKKK!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Truly a shark's fin was seen protruding from the sea. Everyone scrambled to the beach. The shark swam in wide circles near the shore. People were running here and there and kids sobbed and clung to their parents. The parents of the missing teenager were in the worst state of all. Very dauntlessly, the lifeguards on duty and the beach authority stepped ahead gallantly to find out the reality of the 'shark' as suspicion aroused about it among them, they felt something mysterious about it. They approached the creature in a blue dinghy and guess what they saw! SOME SCRAPS OF RUBBER AND WOOD near the shark's fin. The chief laughed and the others breathed a sigh of relief. "Come up you naughty lad! We know it is YOUR prank!" Well, someone did come up ... the missing teenager. The lifeguards and beach authority took him back to his parents. They sure were red with rage! Their son explained his prank and as the parents were considerate, the situation ended in 'let bygones be bygones'. My cousin's family returned back home, amused by the 'shark prank' and also told the story to their kith and kin.
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Comments 17
arifa A bit too imaginative,huh? ;) Arifa
May 4th 2013
Emaan I don't know, made it up :P Emaan
Feb 25th 2013
arifa Khair mubarak eman! :D and what tricks??:/ Arifa
Oct 29th 2012
Emaan Hey Arifa! Eid Mubarak! How's tricks? Emaan
Oct 26th 2012
Emaan Same to you! Emaan
Oct 21st 2012
arifa Aww...thx a million dude!! u r sooo awsum! Arifa
Oct 14th 2012
Emaan I'm serious Ms.Adil! You write BETTER than Enid Blton!!! Emaan
Oct 10th 2012
arifa U've gotta be kiddin Ms Farhan! Arifa
Oct 9th 2012
Emaan Arifa,I'm getting a praise stomach ache, the first symptom of Praise Fever! Thank you! I like your stuff better than Enid Blyton's :D Emaan
Oct 8th 2012
Menahil Nyc story Arifa. Plz learn how 2 comment nycly on other ppl's stries. B.T.W plz read the comment I wrote especially 4 u on my story 13 o' clock (part 5). Menahil
Sep 29th 2012
arifa Thx :) hey eman dear, do u like fu'ball(that's what i call it :) i LLOOVEE ur stuff too! its always soo amusing! Arifa
Sep 26th 2012
Emaan I <3 this girl! I LOVE this story! Your vocabulary is as rich as Bill Gates! :)) I mean it's a rich vocabilary you've got there ;) Awesome!!! Emaan
Sep 25th 2012
arifa Hey aisha! is it really u in ur pic? did u read my poem? Arifa
Sep 20th 2012
arifa I really appreciate your comments, thx guys! :) i have also posted a poem on page 4..check it out too.. Arifa
Sep 12th 2012
Aisha Nice story..I really liked it..The vocabulary u used was even more good.... Aisha
Sep 4th 2012
arifa Thx :) Arifa
Aug 31st 2012
Khadijah Nice one.I knew it was the missing teenager Khadijah
Aug 31st 2012

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