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Aqsa Noor
Aqsa Noor
Siddeeq Public School
Published On Aug 31st 2012
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All the animals gathered near the big oak tree of the forest for a meeting. There were elephants, monkeys, deers, zebras and many other animals that came to discuss a serious issue.'' Animal killing is a burning question nowadays. Every day one of our partner leaves us and become the food of those meat-eating animals.'', said the king elephant with grief. All the animals started protesting against their killing but there was no one who could hear them. ''We need to take a step or else they will kill us one by one.'' A herd of elephants added to their protest. ''The condition of the forest is getting worse day by day. I want that all of you must think of a solution to this problem.'', the king elephant said. ''We all should go to lion, the king for as solution to this problem.'' zebras answered who were the easiest victim of the wolves and hounds. ''But why will the lion help us? He also loves eating our meat and bones.'' added the monkeys. The king elephant was thinking deeply and finally he said, ''I think the only solution to this problem is that we need to get united and fight for our rights and freedom.'' The idea sounded the best to all animals and finally it was decided that they all will stay at one and fight with other animals if needed. After the meeting, they all were ready for the attack. The wolves attacked every day after the sunset to take maximum advantage of night. After sometime, some animals heard voices approaching from behind the bushes. The monkeys sitting on the tree branches saw a herd of wolves coming and they made everyone alert of the upcoming danger. Suddenly, the wolves came roaring from behind the bushes. The animals knew that they always attack in groups so the king elephant had already spread the animals in all directions. The wolves and hounds stunned when they say the animals fighting with them. Their attack was never so strong before as it was today. The herd of elephants killed nine wolves and were now getting the tenth one when their king ordered them to run back to their habitat. The animals were very happy on their unexpected victory and were making fun of the animals that were unable to fight the united herd of animals.
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