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Maryam Tariq
Maryam Tariq
Crescent Bahria Cadet College
Noor Ul Ain (part 6)
Published On Aug 11th 2012
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On the other hand, when the king woke up, he started crying and locked his room, he walked all night in his room, then he remembered that old man and fish, in the morning he saw the whole pool but couldn't found that fish, then he went to that tree (where he met the old man and he asked for dua) see his luck the old man was already sitting there. He told the old man everything. The old man said "i have told u not to tell this secret to anyone else except the princess and the queen. But now don't burry the princess, put her bed in any garden and place water and food there every night. I’ll search for the fish, but don't tell this to anyone .he did so, when everyone argued that this is not right not to burry a dead person, but the king said "this is her mother's wish, i can't do anything "so he putted her in a garden where there was fish pool. (remember the wizard's daughter took fish with her),when she went to sleep, she saw the same old man with red eyes shouting at her "u bad girl, just put that fish every night after 12 am in the pool and took off after 4 am otherwise I’ll knock your head off!" she got afraid and did as he said. Next day, the prince started his journey; he took his weapon and started searching the princess. He went everyday and after evening, went to his room and sleep, the wizard's daughter always say her "don't become mad, she was just my friend and now she has married!"But the prince didn't even see her. Eventually, one day he decided to go to the princess' country. He didn't tell about her plan to anyone not even a single servant! He dressed like an old man and when he went there he saw that garden (where the princess was buried) he thought to ask the guards. He stand aside and started gossiping with them, after some minutes the king and queen came from the garden with tears in their eyes, the guards said "hide behind us or else we'll be killed "he did so, when they had gone, the prince asked them "what happened to the king and queen, they seem unhappy" the guards said "non of ur own business, do ur own job and let us do our own job "the prince said "ok i was just asking because i brought some gifts from my country for the king and i am thinking whether to give him or not because i think he is sad, well, as u wish, bye, take care" he gave them 10 gold coins, the guards got excited and thought he is a rich man, he said" sit with us, no one is coming here till tomorrow" the prince sat with them and asked them "what happened tell me, maybe I can help" they said "how to tell, there was only one daughter of our king and she was so much beautiful ,she born after many years of the king's marriage she was so innocent , when she was getting married, everyone was happy but at the end of when she was about to went in the cart, we heard that she died" the prince cried extremely "died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the guards said "yes she is died and that's y the king and queen went to see her every afternoon" the prince said "see her or say sura e fateha on her grave?" the guards said secretly "man, she is not buried she is laid in this garden but please don't tell anyone otherwise we'll be killed."
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Comments 14
qurratul The name of the story is my sister's name!Lolz!hahaha!hahaha!heheeehe!khkhekhe Qurratul
May 9th 2014
Muhammad Hassam Interesting.................. Muhammad Hassam
Aug 20th 2012
Saba U r welcum :) Saba
Aug 17th 2012
Maryam Ok thanks Maryam
Aug 15th 2012
Bint @ maryam dont listen to others ......keep it up ur story is superb .......... Bint
Aug 15th 2012
Aiman Waiting for next part please publish it Aiman
Aug 14th 2012
Maryam And Zainab for your very kind information i have heard this story in another language and i am also translating it in english and have also brought some changes becz i am not fully copy cat. Maryam
Aug 13th 2012
Maryam OOpx,thnx everyone :) @ zainab i don't like to write stories i am a girl of reality,still i wanted to post any story and though i am inspired of my dadi's story so i posted it and sure i will post the next part soon plz w8 till eid plz plz plz ^_^ Maryam
Aug 13th 2012
Saba Gr8...yaaaar where is part 7 m wa8ing anxiously jst loved ur story Saba
Aug 13th 2012
Tooba Maryam how did u write the story? Email? if yes then what? Tooba
Aug 12th 2012
Sana How many parts left?? Sana
Aug 12th 2012
Khadijah Post the next one today or else. Khadijah
Aug 12th 2012
zainab Nyc story but you should try writing stories yourselfcuz my page is to write stories you wrote yourself you should read books and you'll get inspired Zainab
Aug 12th 2012
Disenchanted. Tooooo INTERESTING!!!!! Disenchanted.
Aug 12th 2012

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