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Syeda Tehreem-un- Nissa Ahmed
Syeda Tehreem-un- Nissa Ahmed
The Beginners
Unity Is Strength
Published On Aug 31st 2012
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In a village, a poor farmer lived with his family. His name was Nasir. Nasir was so poor that it was hard for him to afford food for his family. One day the Land Lord of the farm sold the farm and Nasir became jobless. He spent his last part of income on grains for two weeks. Soon all the food was finished and there was nothing to eat. He took loan from Land Lord and promised to return it in 3 months. He spent every second of those 3 months to find a job but he's luck was not with him. Time passed and the date of repaying the money was coming near. He was so worried. One of his neighbour and best friend named, Zakir advised him to leave the village for 2 or 3 months and hide in the nearby forests with his family. Nasir took some necessary things with him and rushed towards the forest with his family. After a long time they rested under a tree for some time. Then Nasir ordered his sons to bring some stuff to make ropes for use. Everyone started to make ropes to use. In the nearby tree, there was a Jinnie of that tree. He was sleeping and was disturbed by their voices. He said:"Oh mankind! You have disturbed my nap and now I shall eat you all." Nasir's family got frightened but Nasir got an idea. He whispered his sons an idea. They took the rope and tied the Jinnie with it, when he was not looking at them. Jinnie was not able to move. He asked Nasir that wish whatever you want and set me free. Nasir wished for lots of money and then set the Jinnie free. Jinnie fulfilled their wishes as he was afraid that they might tie them again. Nasir took all the money and returned back to his village. After coming back, he first repaid the loan to the Land Lord. He was so rich that he was a Land Lord too, but a humble. He thanked his Zakir for his advice. Zakir was a greedy person. He was wondering that what happened in the forest that Nasir is so rich. One day Zakir asked Nasir about the secret of his wealth. Nasir told him the whole story. Zakir got an idea. He rushed towards his house and told his wife about what happened to Nasir. Zakir's wife was also greedy. She said that we should do the same. So, Zakir and his family went to the forest too. Zakir did the same things as Nasir's but, his sons were not united with him. When the Jinnie saw that they were not united so he felt strong and ate them all. When Nasir came to know of this incident, he asked the Jinnie that why he ate them? Jinnie told him that you and your family were not greedy and you all were united, but Zakir and his family was not. So I ate them.
Moral: Unity is strength, if there's no unity anyone can let you down.
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Comments 6
Ali I mean Copied from fiction magazine. Ali
Dec 3rd 2012
Aisha Nice story.. I don't think it is copied..if it really is then from where has she copied it.... Aisha
Sep 4th 2012
angel Coppeeeeeied Angel
Sep 2nd 2012
Syeda Tehreem-un- What do you mean by copied??? Mr. Ali Syeda Tehreem-un-
Sep 2nd 2012
Ali COPIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 Ali
Aug 31st 2012
Tooba Good Tooba
Aug 31st 2012

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