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Maryam Tariq
Maryam Tariq
Crescent Bahria Cadet College
Studying Tips For Exams
Published On Aug 7th 2012
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Hi guys I want to share some tips for examination as all of u are having exams next month. I thought it would be helpful to u.
1. Find a quite place for study (library or your own room) where there is no distraction of music and children.
2. Take a water bottle with you and drink water after memorizing every question.
3. If u are understanding an answer, don't memorize it because u can write in ur own words too in exams.
4.if u r not understanding a question, if possible ask ur elder ones or take help from dictionary or internet, otherwise just write that answer 5 times, u will memorize it by yourself!
5. Memorize hard questions first.
6. Eat sweets (or sugar) because hard studies cause sugar level down. Avoid salty things.
7. While studying, keep everything near your study table which u will need during learning
8. After writing five times, l earn 5 times without watching.
9. it's better to study from book rather than notebook. If u see any definition in the book which the teacher has not told u to write in notebooks, highlight it and memorize it too.
10. Find extra information about every chapter for general knowledge.
11. Always start studying for exams before a week or before 2 weeks of exams.
12. Review each chapter after memorizing.
These tips helped me a lot to improve my grades; I took position too, so I think it will help u guys. :)

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Comments 10
Maryam :) thanks Maryam
Oct 12th 2012
huma Thanks for very good tips.........:) Huma
Aug 24th 2012
Saba So sweet of u :) :) :) :-) Saba
Aug 21st 2012
Maryam Hmm okay if u say so :)) :D Maryam
Aug 18th 2012
Bint @maryam :) :) :) keep smilimg Bint
Aug 15th 2012
Muhammad Hassam Good Tips....................... Muhammad Hassam
Aug 14th 2012
Maryam My pleasure :) Maryam
Aug 14th 2012
Bint thanks for sharing really very very good tips thanks once again Bint
Aug 13th 2012
Maryam So it is easier for u just to understand u can write ur chapter name on the internet it will give u information in detail as well as u can ask ur elder ones for help or else u can get general knowledge about your subject through internet or from books :P it is easy we have to memorize in some subjects and they r just damn hard but in some subjects i just understand them and write them in my own words. Maryam
Aug 11th 2012
Disenchanted. Here in our school WE CAN NOT MEMORIZE.....Questions r twisted.......and out of Syllabus sometimes.......... Disenchanted.
Aug 9th 2012

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