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Khadijah Ahsan
Khadijah Ahsan
Gharnatah International School
Pen And Sharpener
Published On Aug 7th 2012
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Husband (to his wife): "why are you sharpening the pencils of kids with my blade?"
Wife: then why are you checking the kids’ copies with my lipsticks.                                              

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Comments 43
hadiya Great hahahaha Hadiya
Dec 5th 2014
aasiya Guyxxxx!cum on y u awl r fighting!v r muslims and we shud not fight wid each other!khadija u r rite 4m ur side and laiba ix also rite!every1 has their own lifestyles!u awl dun knw wat u r saying! Aasiya
Mar 5th 2013
Soha Please guys.....!!!!! Soha
Feb 15th 2013
Amna Nice... Amna
Dec 18th 2012
Ibrahim Haha... What a fight:::)))) Ibrahim
Dec 10th 2012
Emaan You copied my pic! Check your email for your breaking news ,miss khadija. Emaan
Oct 25th 2012
HAMNA Old 1 but nice Hamna
Oct 20th 2012
Khadijah Oh please do not say it because I don't make birthdays Khadijah
Oct 10th 2012
Ayan I post stories mainly for boys and i am a boy Ayan
Oct 10th 2012
Menahil Happy Birthday Khadija, so sorry i 4got 2 wish u on 5/10. Menahil
Oct 9th 2012
mariam Nice Mariam
Sep 25th 2012
Emaan Wait,what's happening? One thing: Fareeha,there are different girls all over the world. Some of them are interested in boys,and let them be. It's not your problem,is it? If they want to talk about the other gender,they're not doing any harm to you. And what's wrong with boys? I mean,I've got brothers,and they're not yucky to me. U know they...... do whatever they do (LOL) and keep up with their disgusting ways at the same time? How hard can that be? HARD TIMES 7000! I don't find anything wrong with boys,it's just that they're yucky. But they are humans,right? Different Classification,one species. And if U,Khadija want to delete me from Vshine because I 'm not like you all and don't wear Hijab,then fine. If you want to delete our friendship then that's ok too. I'm used to it. People ditching me. Emaan
Sep 11th 2012
pawan Boring.............!!!!! Pawan
Sep 11th 2012
Laiba Well i dont remember askig Omer 2 b frnds, n even i hav asked it might b dat i got impressed by his work or @ dat time i was new 2 vshine so i was juxt sending request 4 being frnd bcuz i luv making frnds!!!!!! N dude 4rm dis comment u cant say dat i lyk boyz..........!!!!!! Laiba
Sep 4th 2012
Khadijah Actually It it does not matter to me.but I asked you that Question because you wrote to Omer Kazmi to be friends. Khadijah
Sep 3rd 2012
Laiba & Fareeha i really dont think deir was shame when i listen t0 my m0ther 4 what she had asked me t0 do .......!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right???? Laiba
Sep 3rd 2012
Laiba Well its okay Khadijah ,,,,,,,, & dear Fareeha, yes i have changed my dp bcuz when I told my mother abt da c0mment which Khadijah had asked 4rm me............... she g0t upset & asked me 2 changed my dp............. dats Y i change my dp not 4 defending myself............. Laiba
Sep 3rd 2012
Khadijah And what do you think my ID is anyway ?????????? Khadijah
Sep 2nd 2012
Khadijah Ok sorry about this all. But please Fareeha and Laiba Plz DO NOT BE ANGRY FROM ME. Khadijah
Sep 2nd 2012
Khadijah What ?????????????????????? Khadijah
Sep 2nd 2012
fareeha Khadijah i am veryyyyyyy angry from your comments........pls stop laiba and u..............and change youR pic......dont u have shame?????and dont write silly jokes......i have a book of jokes in witch all of your jokes r present..........and ido not like the jokes of boys............. Fareeha
Sep 2nd 2012
angel Good Angel
Sep 2nd 2012
Raniah Hehe.... nICE jOKE :) Raniah
Sep 2nd 2012
Neha Kinda funny! Neha
Sep 2nd 2012
Laiba Who says dat i lyk boyzzzzzzz??????? its true dat i study in co but how can u say dat i lyk b0yz????? u even d0nt kn0w me pr0perly. it really hurt dat u mix me up wid b0yz wid0ut any reas0n n again taking me wr0ng sence n I really dont mind dat urs n0t being frnd wid me, I really do hav many!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N n01 can hate G0D'S creation n boyz r in every1 family. N b0yz r also 4rm ALLAH'S wonderful creation, I can say dat bcuz i hav superb father, cute bro, lovely cuzn(b0yz), N caring fellows in my class(b0yz). & if u dont want 2 put me ur frnd list, u hav selected ur fellows den Y did u enqurie me?????? Its really bad dat u say blabing things abt me... Its totally n0t fair n i can als0 2 u 2 dat u lyk boyz but dont want 2 tell. U r MASHALLAH a HAFIZAH n having such bad thinking abt ppl / specially me.... Laiba
Sep 1st 2012
Khadijah No ! no! it is not like that i don't like you girls but actually they are declined it by mistake you all could give your requests. Khadijah
Aug 28th 2012
RAYYAN Nice i like it u no my sis name is also khadijah but every one says khatijah Rayyan
Aug 27th 2012
Aliza Hey khadijah! sorry to say but dont u think its a bit rude........lyk it realy hurts when u dont accept request...n MASHALLAH i am a muslim girl.....dont think negative 'bout me,,,,,,,,,,,,,nd joke is nyc Aliza
Aug 27th 2012
M@HRUKH Husband or wife hahaha its funny keep it up:) M@hrukh
Aug 26th 2012
Khadijah Watch out for spelling of my name !!!!!!!!!!! (angry) Khadijah
Aug 25th 2012
fareeha Good joke Fareeha
Aug 25th 2012
Disenchanted. Khadiha...Your joke is really funny Disenchanted.
Aug 24th 2012
Aug 21st 2012
Khadijah Well Laiba the first thing is that i HATE boys so I don't make friend (GIRLS)who like boys. ;) Khadijah
Aug 21st 2012
Laiba Plz dont take me in wrong sence... its juxt dat i lyk dat pic n i put it as my dp... Laiba
Aug 21st 2012
Laiba Hieee,,khadijah.. welll i,m not dat kind of grl who juxt rome around... dont care abt her responsibilities or who juxt do stuffs of fashion, i,m simple grl not de 1 whome v ppl call bad grl means begry hoie larkiee. Dee dp ix not mine,, its 4rm de net on page attitude. on my screen its my motto of player n my frnds says dat i hav attitude so i juxt wrote it n my zodiac sign is scorpio dats y i wrote it. n if u want 2 know more details abt me u can ask,,, n sorry 4 replying late.... Laiba
Aug 21st 2012
Menahil NYC one ! Menahil
Aug 17th 2012
abeer Not so interesting bcoz it can't happen..... Abeer
Aug 11th 2012
Wajeeha Hahahaha Good One .....................!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Wajeeha
Aug 10th 2012
Emaan Lmao :) (laughing my a** off) Emaan
Aug 8th 2012
Khadijah Comment plz plz plz plz plz Khadijah
Aug 8th 2012
Khadijah Plz comment Khadijah
Aug 7th 2012
Aiman Lolzzzz:D Aiman
Aug 7th 2012

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