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Ayeza Asim
Ayeza Asim
Beacon House School System
The Real Purpose Of Ramadan
Published On Aug 5th 2012
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I was dreaming of beautiful orchards with tall trees laden with flowers and fruits of various kinds and beautiful birds chirping melodiously when a smell hit my nose and I woke up with a jerk. Casting a glance at the clock I realized that I had overslept. Oh no! I had to help my mom in making aftari!!!My abdomen was crying or it seemed like there had been a cricket match between Pakistan and India. I hurried towards the kitchen when my mom ordered me to serve the aftari on the table. I was serving samosas. pakoras, dates, fruit chaat, dahi bhally, several cold drinks etc when the door bell rang.
"Sam, see who is at the door, I think your father is there, Hurry up beta!!"My mom ordered me
"Yeah mom!" Saying this I hurried towards the door but there was a 6 year old child crying bitterly for some sort of food. It looked that he hadn’t eaten anything for several days.
Despite helping him, giving him to eat I hurried towards the dining table. I ate up to my fill and went to my room. I had forgotten everything regarding that poor, needy child. At night, when I was gonna sleep the heart-rending picture of him came into my mind."OH! SHOOT!"I realized that I had done wrong with him. I wished that i could pull the time back but it couldn’t happen as the laws of nature are absolute. It was the time to take a firm decision to
1) Say Astaghfirullah
2) Whenever I will see someone I will help him or her
May Allah Almighty help me!!
It was not only my story; It is the story of almost everyone here. Come on, Muslims, what's gotten into you???Why do we always think about ourselves not about anyone else. Our sight is too narrow that we can't see the wisdom of Allah Almighty in everything. Do you know
Why Allah Almighty ordered us to fast???
The answer is to experience what poor endure throughout the year, so that we may find sympathy and feel pity in our hearts for them so that the seeds of brotherhood get sowed automatically.
My friends! That’s what I feel. Now open your heart, eyes and ears and feel. Take a firm decision like me and watch for the outcome. Uncountable rewards in this world and in the world hereafter and of course a peaceful, harmonious society.
That's all! HAPPY RAMADAN!
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Comments 5
Wafa Nice story Wafa
Oct 14th 2013
Neha Happy Ramadan! :) Neha
Aug 8th 2012
Muhammad Hassam SALAM RAMADAN..................... Muhammad Hassam
Aug 7th 2012
Aug 7th 2012
Sidra Happy Ramadan! :) Sidra
Aug 5th 2012

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