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Khaula Sher
Khaula Sher
The Quaid-e Azam Girls Public School And College Swabi
Interesting Facts About Cats
Published On Aug 5th 2012
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Here are some interesting facts about cats you would like to know!
A group of cats is called a “clowder.”
Cats make about 100 different sounds.
Approximately 24 cat skins can make a coat.
Approximately 40,000 people are bitten by cats in the U.S. annually.
A cat can jump up to five times its own height in a single bound.
While many parts of Europe and North America consider the black cat a sign of bad luck, in Britain and Australia, black cats are considered lucky.
A cat’s heart beats nearly twice as fast as a human heart, at 110 to 140 beats a minute.
Cats spend nearly 1/3 of their waking hours cleaning themselves.

Read these facts and tell me if you like them!
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Comments 6
Gullasht Nyc facts gud job YaR Gullasht
Apr 11th 2013
Elsa Please add me in your friends.i hope you will Elsa
Jan 22nd 2013
samayya Gud ! Samayya
Oct 15th 2012
Saba Good work keep it up Saba
Aug 14th 2012
Emaan I love cats! And I love this article too! FRIEND ME PLEASE!! Emaan
Aug 12th 2012
Muhammad Hassam Good facts about cats...................This is informative article.............Please keep it up. Muhammad Hassam
Aug 5th 2012

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