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Eisha Ajmal
Eisha Ajmal
Divisional Public School
How To Decorate Old Shoes!
Published On Aug 5th 2012
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Hey there! This is me ei$ha and you probably know me cuz I’ve been doing lots of articles here on VShineworld. Most of em are about nail art and various cool and easy arts and crafts projects, today I’m bringing you guys another cool project which you can do easily at home and it doesn’t cost much at all.
Today we're going to decorate our old shoes, are you about to throw away an old pair of flip flops, boots, high heels or converse, well think again. If after reading this, you still wanna throw them away than please send them to me: P i doubt you'd do it if you read this!
I like shoes a lot, many of us do but they cost a lot. You can’t have too many but you can if you don’t throw away your old ones! okay so here we go! :)
 Give shoes a quick-fix with some of these decorating tips and you can cut down on how much you spend on more new shoes. Although most women/girls love buying shoes we all feel it in the pocketbook it we go overboard. The next time you're considering a new pair of shoes, think instead of redecorating a pair you already own. There are many ways to decorate shoes and you can show your creativity to impress your friends.
QUICK tip (for more ideas search for shoe decorating images on the internet. it helps a lot)

Here’s one easy tip which can brighten up any shoe and give it a fabulous look; glitter. Glitter is one answer to all your problems. Just use some glue and glitter and get creative with your shoe. I’m sure you'll love it!
One of the quickest and cheapest ways to decorate a pair of pumps or heels is to simply use a clip-on earring and put it at the curved area in the front centre of the shoe opening. Earrings come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours to suit any woman's wardrobe. With the clip-ons you can change a simple black heel to a dazzling pair of formal shoes.

One problem with the clip-on design is that it's meant to slip on and off so that you can change it at will, but for some women, the joint of the earring is bothersome. You can remove the hardware from the earring and glue the design directly to the shoe for a fabulous look but it won't be interchangeable. For shoes you don't want to change forever simply use a bobby pin for your design. Use wire clippers to clip the bobby pin down to a more appropriate size for your shoes. Use contact cement to secure the earring, without hardware, to the bobby pin.

Make all types of arrangements on bobby pins to slide on and off your shoe. Twist a small piece of half-inch lace into a circle shape and glue onto the pin. Add three white, pink or blue pearl beads to the center of the lace and clip onto shoe. Or wind strung gold or silver beads randomly on the lace for a totally different look.

Craft stores are full of tiny trinkets that will look cute on your shoes. A tiny golden key, a bitty dolphin, a mini domino or even a unique-looking button will give your shoes a completely different theme. You'll also find a selection of rub-on appliques that will enhance most any shoe. Rub the designs on heels, around the shoe opening, or even on the top toe area. There are literally thousands of appliques from which to choose like flowers, butterflies, seashells, and much more.

Faux jewels and rhinestones can really dazzle the crowd and little will they know the shoes cost you much less than if they had purchased something similar. Glue tiny stones on the heel and around the lower perimeter of the shoe. Or arrange slightly larger stones in a pretty pattern on the top toe area of the shoe.

 All designs don't have to be elegant. You can dress casual shoes up to be just a different form of casual. Cut very thin fabric into shapes and use fabric glue to affix them to the shoes. Then use fabric paints to zigzag an outline for the shape. You can also cut pieces and use them to completely cover the shoes. Make sure the fabric is extremely thin or this design will give you trouble. Simply place a shape on the shoe and smooth it down well. Put another shape on and do the same. Continue the pattern until the shoe is covered and some shapes are overlapping each other. :) This will give your shoe a cute and simple look.

There are many other shoe designs you can do such as fabric paint designs on the shoes, use stickers then cover them with clear nail polish to protect, or even use stamp-on images with fabric paints. You'll think of many more designs after you've had a little practice and once you get really good at enhancing your shoes you'll have the most extensive shoe wardrobe of anyone you know. Just make sure you wear your shoes with the appropriate outfit pr you can end up looking like a joker. (Just kidding: P)
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Comments 14
Aliza  Gonna nail mine heels Aliza
Jan 31st 2016
eisha Oh no.....directioner, it is a big mistake (throwing your converse), old or new, they will look great if you glitter them! believe me, im actually going to buy a new pair to carry out that project :) Eisha
Oct 22nd 2012
Directioner Forever Thanxxxxx aloooot eisha.... I seriously was abt to throw my converse but now thanx to u i won't be doing that... u've got such a nice brain (full of ideas).... Directioner Forever
Oct 16th 2012
Junaid Hmmmm nice Junaid
Sep 29th 2012
Khadijah Sooooooooooooo SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Khadijah
Sep 19th 2012
eisha Thank you everyone, if someone doesnt like what i write they can keep their mouth's shut! Eisha
Sep 14th 2012
Khadijah That is so silly Eisha.And please ma'am Eisha forgive me because i send you A REQUEST BY MISTAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you dare to ACCEPT IT.BTW I know you won't. SORRY to be rude with you. Khadijah
Aug 19th 2012
Saba Good 1 Saba
Aug 13th 2012
Neha Eisha's come back! Neha
Aug 10th 2012
eisha Lol.........i'm glad you liked the idea but make sure you carefully use your shoes (wear them) so that the glitter or whatever you are using doesnt wear of :) Eisha
Aug 5th 2012
Muhammad Hassam Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............nice article and nice idea! Muhammad Hassam
Aug 5th 2012
Aisha I loved to idea of adding glitter to shoes.........I am gonna try it this weekend.... Aisha
Aug 5th 2012
Aisha Thanx for SHARING the information with us....... Aisha
Aug 5th 2012
Sidra Once again eisha you came up with a gr8 idea and article i loved the idea and i'll try it...:D Sidra
Aug 5th 2012

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