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Andlib Farid
Andlib Farid
Seven Witches And The Rainbow
Published On Aug 3rd 2012
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“Miss, can I tell you a story about rainbow?”
I was explaining colors when my student Bilal asked me. He was a keen and a bright child. I nodded. “My great grandmother told me this story about rainbow colors. The story begins like there were many witches in Witchland. All witches had to follow the rules that their queen RULOC had ordered. There were seven rules. One of them was Ndto iveg rahm ot Homo sapiens meaning “Don’t give harm to human beings.”
One-day seven witches named TROCHEQ, SUDOXK, SYLWAR, SHAEL, ADNYL, and SPREZEY come out from their dwelling place. They all were naughty friends. They loved adventure so one night they walked and walked and they reached to a lovely place field with a crop of sugarcane. The witches thought that the sugar canes were sticks so they all fetched one and continued their returned journey. Queen Ruloc came to know that because of her magic bowl and she called them all through The Wise Owl they all gathered in a queen’s rudong meaning ground for giving punishment. Queen said
Come my colours
Come my colours
Stick on their cheeks
Make them freaks
Violet indigo blue and green
Rub and rub...  Never will be clean
Yellow orange and red
Only it will dead
After a year come to the pillar
During the time, do not see mirror
With this, her magic spell imbued these colors on their cheeks. Therefore, these naughty witches lead one year in their hut. The pigment had destroyed their beauty. They helped many human, needy and weary by disguising   herself. After a year, they came to the pillar and queen Ruloc came making a loud noise. She gave them each a mirror when they saw in it the pigment strike the mirror and flew away far in the sky from that day those seven colors are called RAINBOW COLORS.” I was staring at this 8 years child when the bell rang. “The story was interesting but I will tell you reality and truth about RAINBOW Colors .Right students?” “Yeees Miiis” they all shouted.
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Comments 6
abdul moiz abid I like your story.Kam az kam ye us (MSA) ki poem se to ache tha. Abdul Moiz Abid
Jul 28th 2014
aasiya Very strange story! Aasiya
Mar 20th 2013
Momina Nice meaning of name and awesome story! hey Emaan, how is the club!?! Momina
Dec 27th 2012
Andlib Girl.Andlib means Nightingale. Andlib
Aug 10th 2012
Emaan Okay, now THATS my Genre! Love it! Please write more of your fantabulously bone-chilling and interstingly strange and unusual stories!!You a boy or girl? Emaan
Aug 9th 2012
Tooba Dont mind but strange Tooba
Aug 7th 2012

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