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Bushra Idrees
Bushra Idrees
Beaconhouse School System
The Spooky Night
Published On Aug 3rd 2012
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Ancient Times suggest various extraordinary myths. One of these myths is that when there is a full moon in the sky strange things may happen.
It was a dark night. Clouds covered the sky. A full moon could be seen between the gaps in the clouds with stars shining around it. The wind raged on. The leaves of the trees moved and made curious sounds as if ghosts were whispering to each other.
I was lying in my bed. A feeling of happiness was in my heart as I had finally got an independent room. At last, I was rid of my sisters and I could play with dolls, watch T.V and stay up all night if I wanted to. As I was walking towards the T.V set to switch it on, I heard strange voices outside the window. I crept to the window and saw the trees walking towards me. Oh my god!!! A feeling of fear crept over me and I dared to go closer. It became worse; I saw faces in the trees. I was shocked. I ran to my parent’s room. I banged loudly on the door but extraordinarily there was no. I rushed to my elder sister’s room and banged the door. She opened it feeling sleepy and asked the problem when she saw me crying. I told her all about it. She comforted me and ran to my other sister’s room. There we told her everything and after finding out what had happened we rushed to my room. The window was open and we peeped out. The trees were still. Nothing happened. It was all as it was. My sisters scolded me and went back to their rooms, angrily I sat there astonished. What was that? I quietly went to my bed and cried. In the morning when I woke, at breakfast my sisters questioned about last night.
Would I answer it? I was so embarrassed. And till now I could never find out, what was it??

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Comments 13
Bushra It is just made up Bushra
Jul 17th 2014
wardah Is it a true story Wardah
Aug 2nd 2013
Muhammad Good imaginations and control on your writing. I like it. Muhammad
Aug 11th 2012
Muhammad Hassam YES,IT IS TRUE STORY......... Muhammad Hassam
Aug 11th 2012
Menahil Fatima, the way 2 send a story iz pretty simple. Above this story, where all the columns are written "My Stories", "My Drawings" etc, you will find a small patch in which iz written "Click to add your page". Just press it. Next choose what you want to send, stories, drawings or whateva. Type in your story and click submit. Menahil
Aug 9th 2012
Muhammad Hassam I think this is true story......... Muhammad Hassam
Aug 7th 2012
Tooba Hey guyz give me a min how do u send styories is it an email if yes what? plz reply Tooba
Aug 7th 2012
Malaika Cool story great imagination Malaika
Aug 6th 2012
Menahil Obviuosly, it's not a true story. B.T.W, the story iz so gr8. Hope to read more 4rm u! Menahil
Aug 6th 2012
Aiman I think thats not true Aiman
Aug 6th 2012
Bushra It is your chance to guess. Bushra
Aug 4th 2012
Aiman Is that a true story? Aiman
Aug 4th 2012
Aisha Is this a true story.... Aisha
Aug 4th 2012

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