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Maryam Tariq
Maryam Tariq
Crescent Bahria Cadet College
Noor Ul Ain (part 3)
Published On Aug 3rd 2012
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When the prince went to his palace, he didn't say anything to his mother and father and laid on his bed with the pillow over his head. When the queen heard that his son has come from hunting, she ordered one of her servant to gave her milk, but the prince scold at her and said to leave him alone, the queen got worried, she herself went in his room and asked "My dear what happened, is this the way of talking to servants?" The prince apologized and started crying, The queen got so worried and asked him "my sweet son, what happen tell me if someone hurt u, I swear I’ll knock his head off, but tell me what happened?"The prince said in a low crying voice "Mother, whatever i am gonna say if u or Father will not do that, I'll commit suicide!" The queen replied "you r our only son, I will be glad if u wish for something, we’ll surely give u, but tell me what?"Then the prince got relaxed and told her mother everything happened during the trip, he told her about the aqua blue eye coloured girl (princess) and every single thing and at last told her that he wanted to marry her. The queen thought at first then replied" I, too have heard about that princess that she is so much beautiful and innocent as well as I’ve also heard that she is born with a old man's Dua, but don't worry, relax, i will ask your father, I am sure he will not refuse her. Next day, queen told the king about what she heard from the prince, the king became glad to heard the prince's choice, he gave special and precious gifts to his most special servants to take them in the princess' father's country and ask for the proposal. When the servant went there, the king was happy to see the prince' picture and gave to the queen" give it to the wizard's daughter, she is her secret keeper, she will tell her point of view about the prince" the queen gave the picture to wizard's daughter, she got so much angry to see that the prince has given his proposal, she didn't said anything and took that picture along with her and gave to the princess and said "Look that stupid boy has sent his proposal, how cheap, i am going to tell the queen that the princess didn't like her, but the princess said "never do this please, i am happy in my parents happiness" The wizard's daughter got so much jealous but said nothing , she told the princess' point of view to the queen, the queen became happy, she told the king. The king gave his special gifts and precious diamonds and emeralds' type to the other country's servant and gave his letter that we are ready for this proposal, when the prince's father saw the letter he told the prince, the prince was so delighted. They fixed their wedding date after 2 months. (to be continued)
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Comments 4
Maryam Thanks Maryam
Aug 6th 2012
Aisha Nice story......... Aisha
Aug 3rd 2012
Abir Good...when r u postin the next part? Abir
Aug 3rd 2012
l Good.The story is going very well. L
Aug 3rd 2012

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