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Maryam Tariq
Maryam Tariq
Crescent Bahria Cadet College
Noor Ul Ain (part 2)
Published On Aug 2nd 2012
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When she grew up, she always gets scared of loneliness because she has no siblings. That's why, the king said to the wizard to give her daughter who can live with the princess, the wizard happily agreed because he felt nice to see that his daughter is studying with the princess, dressing like princess and living in the king's palace. She was 1 year older than princess. After someday, the princess became so frank with her that she even tell her every single secret. She made her, her best friend. The daughter of wizard is not as beautiful as princess, so she always try to become like princess, but still she couldn't beat her.
One day, the wizard’s daughter and princess were standing in a terrace, talking to each other and looking down. Suddenly, there came a prince of any country who lost his way while hunting with his servants and came there, when he looked the princess, he got so much delighted because he never saw any beautiful girl like her, when the princess saw him, she felt ashamed and went from the terrace, besides it, the wizard's daughter continuously watched him because the prince was also so beautiful. The prince waited for her for few minutes, then got disappointed and ran away. The wizard's daughter went in princess room, she loved him at first sight but pretended that she hated his behaviour and said "That idiot young boy was continuously staring at you, when you came down, he was staring me, may Allah fetch his eyes huh" The princess smiled and said "don't worry I think he lost his way and came near the palace it's ok" but the wizard's daughter said "i Must go and shout at the guards, why do they not do their duty properly when we are on the terrace? "But the kind hearted princess said "leave my dear, that was our fault we shouldn't go in the open terrace, we must be aware", the daughter of wizard didn't say anything.
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Comments 8
Aiman Gud story Aiman
Aug 6th 2012
Maryam I knw aliza, but i think if i will post it at once, u guys will get bored because this sory is too long Maryam
Aug 3rd 2012
Aliza Nyc one but continuation spoils the fun Aliza
Aug 3rd 2012
dfg When you will post next part????????? Dfg
Aug 3rd 2012
Maryam Thank you :) I am posting the third part, Fatima the end is so far, I think this story has minimum 10 parts! :P Maryam
Aug 2nd 2012
Mahno0r Maryam i read ur p0sts...u r a gr8 writer...jst keep it up with da same spirit<3 :):PP Mahno0r
Aug 2nd 2012
Aisha Nice story..I'm waiting for next part!!!! Aisha
Aug 2nd 2012
Tooba The end?? Tooba
Aug 2nd 2012

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