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Eisha Ajmal
Eisha Ajmal
Divisional Public School
Embellished Cases
Published On Aug 2nd 2012
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Hey guys! it’s me Eisha, here to share another cool idea with you. today I’m going to show you how to make embellished cases. Nowadays almost everyone has a cell phone, i pjone, mp3, i pod, SD etc and if you have one of them then you will love to read this, even if you dont have them it can make a great gift for those who do. You can make this as a b. day present for your elder siblings as well.
Tip; you can also paint your case :)
you will need some stuff for this but if you like having everything personalized, embellished, and different (LIKE ME XD) then you won’t think twice about buying them all. This case will help protecting as well as beautifying your device, -- here's what you’ll need;
A clear case for your device/gadget (you can get it from where you got IT)
Rhinestones, pearls, charms, old keys and anything you like that is flattened and cool
A hot glue gun with glue sticks
 Buy a case (make sure it fits perfectly with you device) A clear plastic one and a lot of the sticky diamantes of pearls. Alternatively it is possibly to get hold of these cases already covered but this is way cheaper.


Next you need embellishments, charms and beads work best. Anything with a flat back can be glue down (I have used hello Kitty rings before and snapped the backs off) and ribbon. Fimo clay flowers are also a must.


Next get yourself a hot glue gun, nothing else works as well. Get gluing. There are no set rules but I always start with frilly or pleated ribbon in the corners it hides the glue really well and stops it from looking messy. Also score the bottom of Fimo flowers with a craft knife (it makes them hold better) Use different size embellishments push beads in to the gaps and keep going till your happy.


When you are finished leave it alone. You might think it’s set but it’s honestly best to leave it for 24 hours or at least over night. Then If you want you can varnish the embellishments. ( I’ve found this does help protect the design and stop chipping.) Lastly varnish the corners and anywhere that your fingers will rub a lot.
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Comments 9
eisha Thanks everyone, BTW this article got published in SMASH! Magazine 2013, June issue. Eisha
Jun 16th 2013
arifa Great Arifa
Sep 4th 2012
Saba Gr8 third line ipjone or i phone (hhhahahhhahahaa) Saba
Aug 14th 2012
Emaan Ummm,I'm not not allowed to have a cell until I'm thirteen, but I do keep a phone in case of an emergency, so this is very helpful,Eisha!!! Emaan
Aug 10th 2012
Muhammad Hassam NICE Muhammad Hassam
Aug 7th 2012
Aisha Nice art and craft... Aisha
Aug 3rd 2012
eisha Thanks guys :) Eisha
Aug 3rd 2012
l Good Ideas........... L
Aug 3rd 2012
Sidra Nyce one!! ;) Sidra
Aug 2nd 2012

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