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Eisha Ajmal
Eisha Ajmal
Divisional Public School
Nail Art; How To Make An Easy Panda Nail Art Design
Published On Aug 2nd 2012
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Hey everyone! It’s me Eisha and today i have another nail art article for you! I've done two nail art articles before so if you haven’t read them yet, go and check 'em out now! I realized that many of these girls here love nail art and like beauty articles so i decided i would do one concerning a special design.
Last time i gave you lots of tips tricks and how to make your own tools etc but this time I’m going to show you how to DO a special and easy nail art design. My design is pretty unique and cute since it has one of my favourite animals in it! A PANDA. I love panda's, who doesn't? They’re such adorably cute animals. And if you've watched the movie kung fu panda than I’m sure you can’t help liking panda's! Okay so let’s get ready to get CRAFTY with our nail art design!
 It's simple to make and only takes time because you need to let everything dry in between.
You can do it by using only nail polishes as well but I find it just takes too long to dry and acrylic paint does a good job.

-Start with a base coat to protect your nail.
-Then take the white nail polish and paint a circle going off the tip of your nail. You might need two coats.
- Using a dotting tool (or pearl headed sewing pin like me) put 2 big dots for the ears and 2 smaller ones for eyes in black.
- Then add a smaller white dot inside the black eyes.
- Add a small dot black dot for the nose
- use a toothpick to then add a tiny dot of white inside the eye and the Panda will come alive.

If you enjoyed reading this then there's no reason not to comment and like!
See ya.
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Comments 10
eisha I can't believe you saw my article in SMASH! Eman, Thank you so much by the way, Good feedback always gets me motivated! PS check out the June issue; Embellished cases is mine too. Eisha
Jun 16th 2013
Gullasht AOA i love thiz Gullasht
May 24th 2013
Emaan EISHA!!!!! You are an awesome fashion and all-things-girlyngroovy specialist! I saw your article about hair chalking in the mag "smash!" I JUST LOVE SMASH! Oh, and I tried out your hair chalking and it is just like highlighting and I'm dying to get my hair highlighted.(when i'm older of course) Rock on girl! Emaan
Feb 17th 2013
Shahamah I'll try it soon Shahamah
Sep 21st 2012
Muhammad Hassam Great and nice............... Muhammad Hassam
Aug 5th 2012
eisha You will be able to do this with nails of normal length :) since i dont know the proper length of your nails you'll have to try it yourself to know Eisha
Aug 3rd 2012
l No ONE at this age an do this design....... L
Aug 3rd 2012
Sidra I dont have too short nails or too long but their long enough to design! Sidra
Aug 3rd 2012
Aisha Good.......But isn't it difficult to draw sooooo many details on short nails....I mean we don't have long nail at this isn't it a bit difficult for u to paint these details.... Aisha
Aug 3rd 2012
Sidra Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i love nail art and this is one of my favv designn! gr88 Sidra
Aug 2nd 2012

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