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Wajeeha Sheikh
Wajeeha Sheikh
Army Public School-faisal
Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword
Published On Jul 29th 2012
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It is my straight idea that the pen through which we write words is of course mightier than the sword. Allah Almighty has said in His first revelation “Read! And your Lord is the most generous, He who has taught by the pen, has taught man that he knew not.” These words of the Holy Quran prove the universal truth that pen is the first mightiest thing that has brought a revolution of knowledge, wisdom, and education in human being.
We come across the old truth "pen is mightier than sword" in serious discussions. Since the pen is used to convey ideas and the sword is used to impose one's spirit by superior violence, the statement really means that ideas have more influence than violence. Since violence is always used for a purpose, there is an idea behind violence. What matters is the kind of idea in the service of which violence is used. The sword can only destroy, but the pen-the ideas expressed by the pen-can also build. The pen is the vehicle of thought and ideas have helped man to rise over purely savage conditions. They have built up free institutions and democracy.

The pen looks like a small ordinary thing. It is also not very costly and it does not have much weight too. Apparently, its structure is also not impressive in its built, but it has great strength and power. The holder of pen is always knowledgeable and learned man. He succeeds everywhere and his orders are obeyed. If the weapon of a warrior is a sword, the weapon of a learned and a commanding authority is the pen. Who so ever held the pen he would get the respect, wealth and fame, and he who left it, would become ineffective, unsuccessful and futile.
Ideas have a much larger impact than violence. Force is incapable of changing the ideas and beliefs of the people. When people are influenced by new ideas, changes occur in the society. Ideas are propagated by writing. Brave deeds and velour shown in the battlefield are certainly praiseworthy. But no clash of arms could achieve what great men through their writing have archived.
The invention of the written word has helped man to store and broadcast his thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. After the development of the printing press by Johannes Guttenberg, the printed word became the most powerful medium of propagating the same. Newspapers became a mighty weapon. Public opinion is generally built up not by clash of arms but by the writings of great men and by newspapers. The pen has been able to make the people stand-up against tyranny and injustice.
Ideas are expressed through the power of the pen. The written word makes a permanent impact on several generations. It moulds life according to the times. Violence can only suppress the beliefs of the people. The pen stands for positive and constructive efforts, while the sword signifies negative postures and destruction all around. The sword can force them into submission but cannot propagate and idea. Pen can solve many complex issues. The sword can only destroy. Wars have no significance impact on the development of a nation.
History has proved that the pen is mightier. All philosophers, doctors, educated and wise men, scientists, poets, writers and engineers got their repute due to the pen. Their names are still alive today only on account of their books, theories, laws and their written works left behind them. Had they not held the pen in their hand, they would not have had education and ultimately their names would have been buried with them in the grave and remained unknown in oblivion.
Now some of us might wonder how the pen can be mightier than the sword. Yes! None can deny the sword has also great importance, because it is the next name of might and power. However, the sword can create havoc, spread a sense of terror like and conquer the world.
Now I ask my opposition to answer how the atom bomb, has been invented. In fact, this is the gift of science or knowledge whose alternate name is pen. This proves that the power itself is not self reliant without the help of pen. The power having no support of pen will never be effective, and will be weak and defenceless.
Allah almighty says in the Holy Quran “…if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or to spread mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind…”
Let us be united through one agenda of peace for saving the entire humanity by preaching for the global peace through pen, and throw away the sword and destroy all mass- destructive weapons to prevent any future war.
In conclusion, people can do huge things with a pen, as it can control people’s minds, cause trauma on others eternally, and influence people. The power of a pen can change a person’s mind from inside out, while a sword can only hurt or kill the body. The sword is powerful, but the pen is much more powerful.
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Saba Hmm good Saba
Aug 14th 2012
Muhammad Hassam GOOD Muhammad Hassam
Aug 6th 2012

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